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The pharmacy at the Student Health Center is an integral link in the total health care provided.  The dispensing of medications and counseling on their proper use compliments the diagnostic process begun by the physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and medical technologist.  Acute-care medications are dispensed by a Georgia licensed pharmacist and the cost is included in the health fee.

The formulary is set by the Formulary Committee made up of the pharmacist, medical director, administrator, and nursing supervisor.  The provider will write you a prescription for medications that are not on our formulary.  In this instance, the patient is responsible for having the prescription filled at a local pharmacy and the patient will also be responsible for paying for the prescription.  In order to maintain costs, the Student Health Center does not fill prescriptions from outside providers or medications for chronic illnesses.

In our total managed care system, computers are used to check drug to drug interactions and patient history of drug allergies.  Computers are also used to keep track of patient medication history.

Prescription Refills

If you are out of refills, you must make an appointment to see a provider to have a new prescription written and it must be filled at an outside pharmacy.