Clinical Services

Clinical services are provided under the direction of the Director of the Student Health Center.  The Director is also a physician.  Services that are provided include primary care and treatment for minor injuries.  The staff is composed of a physician, nurse practitioners, pharmacist, pharmacy tech, medical techs, x-ray tech and nurses.

The physician and nurse practitioners are considered providers.  Each provider is well trained and licensed with significant experience.  All health service professionals are fully licensed and/or nationally certified/registered.

*If you are pregnant, it is necessary for you to seek care primarily with an OB-GYN. As the needs of you and your unborn child are important to us, care at the OB-GYN will provide the essential expertise during your pregnancy.

*If you have a motor vehicle accident, it is best to seek emergency care at one of the local hospitals.

Students under the age of 18 require parental/guardian consent to be seen at Student Health Services. Click on the following link to fill out the Minor Consent for Treatment form.

The Student Health Center offers immunizations for a minimal fee to those students who have satisfied the Student Health Services fee for that semester.  Immunizations have to be paid for prior to receiving the immunization and can be paid for at our online Health Services store. To schedule an appointment for an immunization you may call the Appointment Office at 229-219-3200. 

Cost (prices are subject to change due to supplier cost)
Hepatitis A $73
Hepatitis B $60 per dose
Td $26
Tdap $46
Meningococcal $123
Influenza $10(Students) & $20(Faculty & Staff)


Trauma Protocol:

Please read information regarding the Student Health Services trauma protocol.


Cost (prices are subject  to change due to supplier cost)
Shoulder Immobilizer   $20 each
Sitz Bath $20 each
3-Panel Knee Splint/Immobilzer   $20 each
Post Op Shoe $20 each
Lace Up Wrist Preforated $20 each
Elbow Sleeve $20 each
Finger Splint $20 each
Ankle Foot Orthosis $20 each
Ankle Orthosis $40 each
Knee Orthosis $20 each
Ankle Control Orthosis $20 each
Wrist Hand Orthosis $20 each
Underarm Crutches $20 set
Splint $20 each
Dermabond $20


Cost (prices are subject to change due to supplier cost) Supply charge not included.
EKG $30
Destruction of lesion $40
Removal of sutures $30
Removal of skin tags        $30



Local Clinics:

Below is a listing of local clinics in the area that may have extended hours and/or the ability to take "walk-ins".  Please keep in mind that your Student Health Fee does not cover cost that will be incurred at any of these clinics and you will be responsible for paying for all charges.  Phone numbers are listed so that you can speak to someone at the clinics directly.

Clinic Name & Address
Phone Number
Express Care Medical Clinic
Greystone Medical Clinic
Parriott Medical Clinic
Valdosta Family Medicine
Local Health Deptment:
Lowndes County Health Dept.
Hahira Health Center
Lake Park Clinic