Outreach Activities

The Counseling Center is committed to sharing its expertise in human behavior and development with the entire University community. We do this in three ways.

  1. We offer workshops that can be designed for specific groups, so we are available to plan and deliver programs of interest to classes, residence halls, campus offices, or organizations. We are eager to meet the needs of students, and upon request will plan specific programs of interest for particular organizations.

  2. Additionally, we are prepared to provide professional staff development workshops for faculty and staff groups. We also provide training workshops for student leaders, resident assistants, pledge trainers, orientation leaders, and other campus groups.

  3. Faculty members can request presentations that address the concerns of college students and that complement course content. Center staff members will also consult with faculty members to develop programs suitable to their instructional needs.

The following are a sample of programs presented in the past. We continue to develop new topical programs of interest as they are requested.

  • study skills development
  • stress reduction
  • time management
  • test anxiety reduction
  • math anxiety reduction
  • leadership skills
  • relationship and sexual violence prevention and awareness education
  • eating disorders
  • substance abuse
  • coping with the "blues"
  • dealing with difficult people
  • personality type in the work place
  • improving interpersonal relationships within self and others