Hallabaloo- noun (hall-'a-bah-loo) competition among the different residence halls consisting of fun 'field day' style activities.

Every fall semester Housing and Residence Life hosts a hall vs. hall competition known as Hallabaloo. Students who live on campus team up with residents from their respective hall to compete against the other halls on campus. Each year Hallabaloo has a unique theme with this year’s theme being Zombie Apocalypse. This year’s competition conveniently falls on Thursday, November 7th, a week after Halloween.

There will be events the week of Hallabaloo that tie into the competition. On Monday, November 4th there will be the Zombies vs. Survivors flag football game. There will be a thrilling So You Think You Can Zombie? dance competition on Tuesday, November 5th. And on Wednesday, November 6th there will be a food drive where each hall will compete to collect the most canned and dry foods. Based upon performance and/or participation in these events, each hall will have points going into the final showdown at the Hallabaloo. Good luck and may the best hall survive!

For additional information please contact Taylor Davidson at tldavisdon@valdosta.edu