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Housing and Residence Life’s goal is creating a safe, affordable living-learning environment that enhances and strengthens our residents’ personal resources. We welcome your comments, questions, and feedback. Contact us at housing@valdosta.edu or (229) 333-5920. 

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As you know, Winter Break Holidays are quickly approaching. The Housing and Residence Life Office knows that this time of year is both exciting and stressful and we want to be as helpful as possible. Outlined in this letter are important dates and information for the closing of the Residence Halls. As always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 229-333-5920 or by emailing housing@valdosta.edu.

Residence Hall staff will be conducting floor meetings over the next few days to help prepare students for closing. There will be important information gone over at these meetings, so please plan to attend. This will help avoid any charges to student accounts. If students are not returning for the Spring 2017 semester, they will need to fully check out of their room prior to leaving for Winter Break.

Winter Break

(this does not refer to Converse and Centennial)

  1. All Residence Halls will close at 8am on Saturday, December 10th.

    • If you are staying past 8pm on Friday Dec. 9, please let us CLICK HERE Please note that this is not an application, we only ask this information so we can be aware of who is in the building in case an emergency arises. The deadline to submit info is Thursday, December 8th.
    • Or if you are working graduation or attending to watch a friend graduate and need to stay until the ceremony is over? Please CLICK HERE. Please note that this is not an application, we only ask this information so we can be aware of who is in the building in case an emergency arises. The deadline to submit info is Thursday, December 8th.

  2. Need housing over the break? See below.

  3. All Residence Halls will reopen at 10am on Saturday, January 7th for returning students.


Any student graduating in December will need to check out of their residence hall by 12 noon on Sunday, December 11th. We understand that graduating students may have family in town and wish to celebrate, we encourage graduating students to check out prior to the commencement ceremony at 5pm if possible.


Any student needing to stay due to work, international student status, or other reasons, may apply for Break Housing.

  1. The fees for Winter Break Housing will depend on the time period a student needs to access the Residence Halls. This is due to the fact that the college is closed after December 16th and changes to card access cannot be made. All charges will be posted to student accounts when we return to the office in January. Please note that this does not include any access to dinning.

    • The cost for Break Housing is $25/day from Sunday, December 11th @ 10am through Friday, December 16th @ 10am.
    • The cost for Break Housing is a flat fee of $300 from Friday, December 16th @ 10am through Saturday, January 7th @ 10am.

  2. Housing may not be available in the student’s current building so any student approved to say for Winter Break, may be required to move into a temporary space in another building.

  3. Space is limited and will be given to students with the greatest need first.

  4. During Break housing there is no alcohol, regardless of age, and no visitation.

HOUSING OVER THE BREAK – Please CLICK HERE to apply for Winter Break Housing. The deadline to submit request is Thursday, December 8th by 5:00pm. Notification of approval will be sent on Thursday, December 8th after 5:00pm.


Click HERE for very important dates 

  • Spring Housing application for incoming NEW students is now available.
  • Fall Housing application for incoming NEW students will available Monday, November 7th at 8 am.

November 22


Halls close at 5 pm for Thanksgiving Break

November 23-26


Residence Halls Close

November 27


Halls Reopen at Noon

December 10


Halls Close at 8 am for Winter Break for
Non-Graduating Students

December 11


Halls Close at 12 noon for
All Graduating Seniors

January 5


Halls open for new students at 8 am

January 6


Langdale opens for SGSC students at 1 pm

January 7


Halls reopen for all students at 10 am

Meal Plan Questions

For any meal plan related questions please contact Ms. Shannon Zapf's office at 229.333.5988 or at mealplans@valdosta.edu