Honors Option Sample Contracts

The following examples are intended only to suggest the scope and diversity of activities that Honors Option projects may embrace. Successful Honors Option projects are limited only by the imaginations and interests of the professors and students who collaborate in their development and fulfillment.

ART 4240

In addition to the class painting assignments, the student will create one large photorealistic painting accompanied by a three to five page research paper covering the historical and the philosophical development of the photorealistic movement of the 1970’s and its status as a movement in the early twenty-first century.

BIOL 2230: General Botany

Two Honors Option students will work on a joint project. The project will involve current research and findings about health effects of anthocyanins and phenolic compounds from blueberries (Vaccinium spp.). The format for the project will be a poster presentation at the university’s Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR) Symposium April 10-11, 2003. The presentation will be based on recent research (1998-2003) and will include at least three primary sources from creditable institutions and peer-reviewed journals.

CS 2010: Survey of Computer Information Systems

The student will develop a number of web pages which describe and provide information about the three primary areas of concentration within the Computer Information Science major, companies and types of jobs available to graduates of the program, and links to related web sites on other servers. The development will be done with FrontPage 2000. All of the work required for this project, including learning to use FrontPage, goes well beyond the regular requirements for this course.

ECON 2106: Principles of Microeconomics

The student will research and interview major entrepreneurs of Georgia. She will host a six-part TV series entitled “Entrepreneurs of Georgia” which will be produced by VSU TV channel 12 and on the GSAMS system to high schools around the state. She will also present to the ECON 2106 class a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation about the entrepreneurs that she interviews. She will turn in to the Honors Program the presentation as well as a copy of the TV production.

ENGL 1102: Composition II

The student will complete an in-depth look at government documents available for student research at Odum Library and will create a handout for students enrolled in ENGL 1102. The handout will address the history and scope of the Georgia State Documents Collection, the categories of documents available at Odum Library, and a description of what each category includes. In addition, a clear distinction will be made between a full depository government collection and a partial depository collection. The student will then identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Valdosta State University collection of documents and indicate which categories are complete and particularly useful in the university’s collection. The student will also include a list of the full depository collections in the state of Georgia and explain how to obtain documents not available through inter-library loan. Finally, the student will include a section on how to properly cite government documents using MLA format.

LATN 1001: Beginning Latin Language and Intro to Roman Culture I

In addition to completing regular assignments, HOnors Option students will attend all Thrusday evening lecture on Roman history and culture. Each week, students will recieve a set of discussion questions, research the Internet for sites that offer material relevant to them, make a list of the most useful ones they have3 found, and print out one to bring to class. 

MATH 3162: Mathematics for Early Childhood Teachers II

In addition to completing regular class assignments, the student will investigate ways to use a variety of types of technology to teach mathematics. The project may investigate gender issues related to the use of technology, current biases in the field, or the history of the development of mathematics technology. The project will include conducting a survey of pertinent literature, finding, developing, and refining activities that will motivate and teach mathematics in a K-5 setting, and presenting and demonstrating activities to the class.

MUSC 4542: Piano Literature II

The student will prepare and deliver a presentation on Frederic Chopin’s Preludes, Opus 28. A written paper and a short performance of several of the Preludes will be required.

SPAN 2002: Intermediate Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures II

The student will write a short story in Spanish on a topic of her choice. She will prepare multiple drafts and meet regularly with her professor before submitting the final copy.

How to apply

To apply for Honors Option credit, please follow the instructions, print the contract, complete, and then return to the Honors Program office.