Honors Advisory Committee

Honors College:

Mike Savoie - Dean
Don Leech - Associate Dean
Laura Hanna - Graduate Assistant
Brinkley Blair - HSA President

College of Arts and Sciences:

Christine James - Philosopy/Religious Studies
Shaun Ault – Math/CS
Jia Lu – PAG
Grazyna Walczak – MLC
Brian Ring – Biology
Yakov Woldman – Chemistry
Gardner Rogers - English
Matthew Richard – SACJ
Marc Pufong – Political Science
Dixie Haggard – History

College of Arts:

Glenda Swan – Art
Molly Stoltz - Communication Arts
Susan Eischeid – Music 

College of Business:

Cynthia Tori - Marketing and Economics

College of Education and Human Services:

Jennifer Breneiser - Psychology
Deborah Marciano - Early Childhood and Special Ed
Richard Schmertzing - Curriculum, Leadership, and Technology

College of Nursing and Health Sciences:

Deborah Sauls