Current Graduate Students


Graduate Student

Major Professor

Project Rationale and Description

David Arancibia

Arancibia, David

Dr. Calestani

Studying the reproductive biology of marine bivalves, specifically the sex reversal in adult animals when influenced by environmental stressors.

Loren Binns

Binns, Loren A.

Dr. Elder

I'm currently researching a top minnow species, fundulus, to receive a better understanding of its population genetics.

Joshua Boston

Boston, Joshua

Dr. Waters

Alterations to biogeochemical processes and sediment transport by the invasive macrophyte, Hydrilla verticallata, in a large, shallow reservoir.

Courtney Briller Bryller, Courtney

Dr. Nienow

I'm currently researching phytoplankton ecology to get a better understanding of their community structure.

J Kameron Farrow

Farrow, J. Kameron

Dr. Elder


"Determination of the Elassoma species from population genetics".

Justin Hall

Hall, Justin

Dr. Bechler

To better understand what the turtle assemblage is at Lake Louise. 

Austin Haney

Haney, William A.

Dr. Uyeno

I am studying the biomechanics of a unique behavior found in a tantalizing group of deep-sea animals: feeding using body knotting in hagfish. Hagfish (or slime eels) feed this way because they have not evolved opposable jaws with which to bite.  Still, they get the job done; they have a cartilaginous plate loaded with teeth that they press into prey items and then rip off a portion using leverage formed by manipulating a whorl of a knot that they tie into their body. I am interested in characterizing the mechanics of this behavior by first describing morphology and material properties of the skin and body core musculature that allows them to knot. I am using this information to develop hypotheses of function that I can then test by using analyses such as high-speed body-motion kinematics and electromyography.


Phillip D.

Dr. Carter

Katie Merritt

Merritt, Katie


West Nile Virus testing in Lowndes County by conducting antibody tests to determine a recent or past infection. Then correlating this data with the Lowndes County vector data collected by Dr. Blackmore's mosquito surveillance lab over the years.

James Ragan

Ragan, James

Dr. Waters

The environmental and ecological change of Cherry Lake, FL, USA: A paleolimnological analysis.

Pramir, K.C.


Nathan Shiver

Shiver, Nathan

Dr. Grove

Myoglobin expression in cardiac muscle of the mangrove killifish, Kryptolebias marmoratus, during emersion

Richard West


West, Richard

Dr. Chambers

The distribution of dog heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis, by various mosquitoes from South Georgia.

Ted West

West III, Ted

Dr. Waters

My project consists of evaluating phytoplankton community structure dynamics in response to human impacts and dense coverage of the invasive plant Hydrilla verticillata in Lake Seminole, Georgia.