Freshmen Residency Requirement

National research shows that freshmen who live in the residence halls tend to experience greater academic and personal success during their college career. Our experience at Valdosta State University has been consistent with these findings. For this reason, VSU requires incoming freshmen (first time, first year students) to live in the residence halls, but housing is not guaranteed. Assignments are made on a first come, first served basis.

We have set aside a majority of residence halls for freshmen. These halls include: Brown, Georgia, Langdale, Patterson, and Reade (Honors students). We find that freshmen have different priorities and concerns than upperclassmen. Therefore, by grouping freshmen together, we can better serve the freshmen population with activities, living communities, and much more!

Not quite sure who we consider a freshman?

In terms of The Office of Housing and Residence Life, we consider a freshman as someone who is about to attend or is currently in their first year of college (college courses during high school do not count).

VSU uses credit hours to determine class standing. However, the Office of Housing and Residence Life has more interest in the number of years you've been here. If you are a first time college student, you are considered a freshman. We refer to you as a first-time, first-year freshman.