VSU Employment Classifications

FacultyThe faculty shall consist of the corps of instruction and the administrative officers as defined in Section 300 of the Policy Manual of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. 


Classified EmployeesClassified employees shall consist of the professional and administrative employees and staff defined as follows:

  1. Professional and Administrative EmployeesAll employees who are exempt from the Federal Wage-Hour provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) because of their professional or administrative responsibilities, and who are not identified as faculty or graduate assistants, shall be designated as Professional and Administrative Employees. 

  2. StaffAll employees who are not exempt from the Federal Wage-Hour provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) shall be designated as staff. (NOTE: The University System of Georgia position classification system includes the appropriate FLSA status in the “Master List with Definitions and Guidelines.) 


Permanent Positions - Personnel whose employment is expected to be for a period to exceed two calendar quarters, who generally occupy a line item position in the budget and who are subject to the provisional appointment process are considered "regular" employees.


Temporary Positions - Employees who are not employed as “regular” employees are “temporary” employees. Institutions may hire temporary employees directly or may elect to obtain the services of temporary employees through outside organizations that provide temporary services.  Employees must go through Business Services for information as there are rules regarding using temporary agencies. It is recommended that all temporary employees are processed through human resources to maintain compliance with state, federal and Board of Regents policies. Temporary employees paid through the institution shall be employed for a period no longer than six (6) calendar months; however, such temporary employment may be extended up to an additional six (6) months if the appropriate employing supervisor or department head of the said institution of the University System needs the services of that individual subject to the approval of the human resources office of the institution. At VSU the standard length of employment is 3 months. Once an individual has served as a “temporary” employee on an institution’s payroll for a twelve (12) month period he/shall not thereafter be employed as a “temporary” employee until a period of thirty (30) calendar days has elapsed. (Former Casual Laborer Positions)


Occasional Positions - Occasional employees are a subcategory of temporary. An individual with an “occasional” appointment works sporadically, but might work on a recurring basis, as needed, over a period longer than six (6) months. These individuals may work full-time or part-time for brief periods, but their total FTE over the course of a year should not exceed 49% of the time. Occasional positions are not benefits eligible. (example: a stagehand for building sets for performances; Peak season employees in Financial Aid and Admissions)


Student Positions - Full-time, part-time, or otherwise institutionally employed students shall be employed only on an hourly basis with remuneration for such work to be computed by the hour unless otherwise classified by the appropriate personnel officer. All student assistants are considered temporary and are not benefits-eligible.

  • Student Assistants - The maximum hours that you are allowed to work are 20 hours per week cumulative (in all jobs) for Fall and Spring Semester. Student Assistants are exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes. If at any time their work hours exceed the 20 hours/wk, they will be terminated as a STUDENT ASSISTANT and reclassified as a Temporary employee.

  • Work Study Student Assistants - Federal Work-Study is available through the Financial Aid Department; and this employment program is based on established financial need. Jobs are located on and off campus and work schedules can be planned around your class schedule. Assignments are made for the entire academic year. Work Study Students work a maximum of 20 hours per week cumulative (in all jobs) for Fall and Spring Semester.

  • Graduate Assistants - The maximum hours that you are allowed to work are 20 hours per week cumulative (in all jobs) for Fall and Spring Semester . VSU’s graduate assistantships are designed to promote the research, teaching, and service responsibilities of the University and to provide students with valuable professional development opportunities while earning a graduate degree. Therefore, the graduate assistantship involves the dual responsibilities of maintaining a satisfactory academic performance and of successfully performing the assigned teaching, research, or other responsibilities. These assignments are made through the graduate school. Graduate Assistants receive tuition remission as well as a monthly stipend.

  • Internships – Internships on the Valdosta State University campus are routed through the Cooperative Education Office in the Division of Student Affairs. Cooperative Education Work Experience is an academic program that offers an experience-based learning opportunity to explore or confirm the student’s career interests and plans, apply classroom learning to real world situations and practice or strengthen interpersonal and technical skills. The work experience may be paid or non-paid contingent upon the industry and type of work. Eligible students intend to graduate from VSU or are participating in a recognized transfer program. They must obtain Sophomore status (completed 30 hours) before being placed in an internship. They must also maintain a minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0.

    • Alternating Co-op: Students work full-time, alternating semesters. A minimum of two work semesters is required.

    • Parallel Co-ops: Students work 10-20 hours per week while attending VSU a minimum of half-time each semester. A minimum of four work semesters is required.

    • Part-time Internship: Students work 10-20 hours per week while attending VSU a minimum of half-time. Can repeat up to two semesters.

    • Full-Time Internship: Students work full-time, up to two semesters.

Interim Positions - An "Interim" title is used if an administrator resigns and a replacement is sought or if an administrator is absent for a longer period of time (usually exceeding three months). The "interim" person has both the authority and responsibility of the office.


Acting Positions - An "Acting" title is used if an administrator is absent or reassigned for a short period of time (usually three months or less). The absent administrator retains the responsibility of his/her position but delegates the authority to the acting person.

Full-Time - Employees in this category are those employed on a half-time or better basis and have all institutional benefits extended to them. (FTE of .49 or greater)


Part-Time - Employees in this category are those employed on a less than half-time basis and are not entitled to benefits of the institution. (FTE of less than .49)