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Katie Colip

Graduate Hall Director

Katie Colip Picture

Katie Colip is excited to join the student affairs family at VSU. Katie was born and raised in Indiana and graduated from Ball State University in 2009 with a BA in Women’s Studies and again in 2012 with another BA in Political Science. While at BSU, Katie was extremely involved in student affairs, working as a resident assistant for three years and as a conference assistant for one very exciting summer. Katie also served as the President of the Ruth Peters chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, was the Assistant Director of Administration for the Indiana Residence Hall Organization, and served on several regional and national committees for the Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. Katie will be pursuing her Masters in Higher Education Leadership. Katie self-identifies as a proud nerd and in her free time tries to consume as much British science fiction and fantasy as possible.

Phone: (229) 245-2431


Complex Director



Resident Assistants

1st Floor Male RA:  Luke Ellison

2nd Floor Male RA:  Marcus Hill

2nd Floor Male RA:  Alex Mitchell

2nd Floor Male RA:  Marc-Edwin (Edwin) Saint-Louis

2nd Floor Male RA:  Kyle Castleman

3rd Floor Female RA:  Tiffany Ryce 

3rd Floor Female RA:  Erica Velazquez 

3rd Floor Female RA:  Robin Searcy

3rd Floor Female RA:  Khatiga Nasir

4th Floor Female RA:  Briana (Cheree) Copeland 

4th Floor Female RA:  Margaret Hoff

4th Floor Female RA:  Jordan Dunn 

4th Floor Remale RA:  Kathryn Lee