Base Access

Base approval is needed prior to coming onto the base

Security Gate Information

There are two security gates that can be utilized when arriving at Moody AFB; the Main Gate located at Davidson Road right on off Bemiss Road and the North Gate. The South Gate (Bemiss & Radar Site Rd) is used for exiting the base only. The chart below indicates the operating hours for these gates. Please keep in mind that students must be in possession of their personal pass to enter through the North Gate. A personal pass can not be obtained at this gate, if a pass is needed, proceed to the Visitor's Center at the Main Gate area. Once a pass has been obtained students are free to use either inbound gate and proceed to their classroom location.

Operating Hours


(Bemiss & Davidson Road)

24 hrs/day

7 days/wk


(Bemiss & Mitchell Blvd)

6 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Mon.- Fri.

Outbound Only

(Bemiss & Radar Site Road)

4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Mon.- Fri.






Visitors Center Information

The Visitors Center is the main stop for gaining access to the base.  Students will need to take their Request for Personal Pass form, sent to you from our office, to the Visitors Center to obtain an official DOD pass to be used while a student at Moody.

Have the following documents with when you arrive at the base:
1. Request for Personal Pass Form - sent via email by this office (print and complete)
2. VSU Student ID card
3. Copy of your current semester student schedule (print from Banner) - verification of scheduled class on Moody.
4. Current/valid driver's license
5. Current proof of vehicle insurance
6. Registration to the vehicle being driven on base.  

(229) 257-4158

To access the Visitor Center do not approach the security gate.  The Visitor Center is located to your extreme right as you are approaching the security areas. (See map sent to you via email)

Monday - Friday

7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday


Please keep in mind that the Visitor Center is open 24-hours a day every day of the week, but is only available for processing background checks and issuing student passes during these set hours.  To ensure operating hours are still the same call beforehand as hours can sometimes change without notice.


Students Need to Know

  • Once students have registered in Banner for classes being held at Moody AFB, it's their responsibility to contact the VSU Center, at 229.257.4163 or e-mail to request information on how to obtain a personal pass.
  • Personal pass information and forms are usually emailed at least 2 weeks before classes begin. If a student's name is not on the class roster at that time, due to a late registration, they will not receive the pass information or form, so it's imperative that students who register late contact the office.
  • Once student receives pass paperwork, it should be completed and physically (no faxing or emailing) taken to the Visitor's Center at the main gate (Davidson Road Gate).  The pass can only be obtained 3 days in advance of the beginning of the class.
  • Students will also be required to complete an additional form for a background check at the Visitor's Center. If a background check can't be performed on that day, it is possible that a temporary pass will be issued but this decision is up to the discretion of the Visitor's Center staff. If given a temporary pass, students will need to check the valid dates on this pass to ensure that they return back to the Visitor's Center to complete the background check and obtain a regular pass.
  • The personal pass is being issued in the form of an ID card, currently for the semester, and will be valid only for the days that class is being held. This means students will not be allowed on base the days their class is not in session.
  • Processing time for a pass depends totally on the workload of the Visitor's Center. If time constraints are an issue, contact the Visitor's Center to find out approximately how long the process may take. Please keep in mind that the Center now closes at 4:30 on weekdays. 
  • Once your pass has been issued to you it is the responsibility of the student kept it in a safe and secure location. Please remember that when on the base, the pass must be kept on your person at all times and not in your vehicle.

 Car Pool Students:

If a student is not driving a vehicle onto the base but carpools with another student no vehicle documentation is required; however, the Request for Personal Pass form along with some form of identification (i.e., driver's license, some form of state ID, passport or student visa) must be taken with them to the Visitor's Center. Student will complete an additional form for the background check and the personal pass issued will be issued if no problems arise.

Military or DOD Identification Card Holders:

 If a student is already in possession of a valid military or DOD identification card which allows them access to the base, they do not need the Request for Personal Pass from. However, for reporting purposes, students with this access should contact our office to let us know.


1.  At 5:00 p.m. daily, the base will sound retreat.  If driving, you must stop your vehicle when the music begins and once it stops you may then proceed.  If walking during this time, you must stop walking, face the music and stand still until the music is over and then proceed.

2.  Students must ensure that their actions are above reproach at all times while attending class on base. 


 Professors/Instructors Need to Know

  •  If a professor/instructor has taught at Moody in the last year and still has a valid pass but it will expire during the current semester -
    Contact our office and a Request for Personal Pass form will emailed to you. Currently, passes are valid for one calendar year, but this could change at any time.
  •  If a professor/instructor is new to Moody -
    Contact our office with your personal information and a Request for Personal Pass form be emailed to you. Currently, passes are valid for one calendar year, but this could change at any time.
  •  If a professor/instructor has taught at Moody previously but it's been over a calendar year and the personal pass is no longer valid -
    Contact our office with your personal information and a Request for Personal Pass form will emailed to you. Currently, passes are valid for one calendar year, but this could change at any time.  

Driving on Moody AFB

Have the following documents available when driving on base:

  • Current/valid driver's license

  • Current proof of vehicle insurance

  • Registration to the vehicle that is being driven on base

  • Personal pass ID card


Security Forces designates certain days to check all incoming vehicles for vehicle registration, proof of insurance and drivers license.  These days are unknown to the school, so students will need to keep this in mind as it can cause a delay in getting to class on time.