Graduate Admissions

We look forward to you being part of the VSU community!

To get admitted to Valdosta State University at the Graduate level, you will need to submit the following:


  1. A VSU Graduate School Application with a $ 35 application fee. The application is completely online, and can be started here
  2. TOEFL Score
    • Exceptions:
      • If the student applying is from a primarily English-speaking country. However, please check with the Graduate School if your country is on their list.
      • If the student has received a Bachelor's degree from a US College/University.
    • Check with the individual program's admission requirements for the minimum required score. 
  3. Certificate of Finances Link to Certificate of Finances PDF Form
    • Note: You will need Adobe Reader to be able to access the form. A copy of the software is available for free. Get Adobe Reader Icon
    • You will need to be able to prove that you can afford your education in the U.S.A. for at least a year without any scholarships or assistantships.
      • You can only apply for a graduate assistantship once you have been fully accepted into your intended program. Information on financial aid and graduate assistantships are available here
  4. Official Transcripts
    • All transcripts from non-U.S. institutions need to be translated and evaluated by a professional credential evaluation service. You can find the list of approved agencies here
    • Only transcripts from U.S. institutions are not required to be evaluated by a professional credential evaluation service. 
  5. Program Requirements
    • Each program has it's specific requirements. Please check the graduate admissions page, for your intended program's requirements. 
    • You must meet and or submit all the individual program's requirements, plus the requirements mentioned on this page before your application can be considered for admission.
Have you been accepted? Check the following page to find out what happens after you have been accepted.