Student Resources


  • Health Insurance and International Students 

  • TOEFL 

  • VSU Calendars

  • Academic Support Center (ASC) - Provides free peer tutoring in core curriculum courses, including sciences, math, writing, social sciences, humanities, and foreign languages.  The ASC also provides supplemental instruction (tutor-led study group sessions) for historically difficult courses like biology, chemistry, geosciences, psychology and sociology, as well as academic success workshops.  Call 229-333-7570 to make an appointment, email them at, or visit their website. Located in Langdale Hall. 

  • Campus Recreation

  • Centralized Advising - They advise undergraduate students who have earned 0 -29 credit hours as of the previous semester. 

  • Counseling Center  - The Counseling Center is a free and private resource for all VSU Students. They are invaluable help for international students who are need support with adjusting to life at the university, Valdosta, or just in general. They have experienced counselors on staff who love to help students transition to life in the US, and see them succeed at VSU. 

    • Student Resources - Links to additional supporting materials, including the Cultural Adjustment Period. 
  • Family Works Clinic - Another free source of support to students (free and private!). 

Other Resources

  • EducationUSA is a U.S. Department of State network of over 400 international student advising centers in more than 170 countries.