Welcome to the Center for International Programs - International Student Services

International students face some unique challenges as well as opportunities while pursuing their academic goals at Valdosta State University (VSU). The International Student Website was designed to offer support and information to the VSU international students on pre-admission, arrival, orientation sessions, immigration advising, employment, federal income taxes, and personal and adjustment problems.

If you are an international student who is interested in applying to Valdosta State University, click on the "Future Student" section to learn more information about how to become a student at VSU. You can also click here to take a Virtual Tour of VSU!
Students who will be new to Valdosta and have been admitted to Valdosta State University can follow the "After You Are Accepted" section, while students who are currently attending VSU can find useful information under the "Student Resources" section.

Six good Reasons for choosing Valdosta State University for your studies:

  1. Campus: beautiful landscaped campus, distinctive Spanish mission style architecture, and advanced facilities.
  2. Services for International Students: academic advising, detailed orientation, culture adjustment, immigration workshops, English language programs, affordable fees and scholarship opportunities, and graduate assistantships
  3. Location: small town size, warm weather, and nice scenery
  4. People at VSU: hospitable, friendly, and meaningful interactions between faculty and students
  5. Cost: low cost of living and international scholarships
  6. Academic: experienced professors, 90 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, individualized attention

Learn more about VSU here!

Note for future students: As a public (state) institution, VSU does not grant exclusive recruitment rights to any student recruiting agents abroad. If you need assistance or would like to talk to someone in your home country, please check out an EducationUSA advising center. To find an advising center near you, please go here. You can also apply directly to VSU by clicking on either Degree-Seeking or Graduate Admissions, and submitting all the required materials to either the Admissions Office (Undergraduate Admissions) or the Graduate School(Graduate Admissions).