Jennett Scholars

The Jennett Scholars Program is one of the premier competitive, merit-based scholarship programs offered in the state of Georgia. Recipients receive the highest level of scholarship support offered by Valdosta State University attracting highly qualified, highly motivated students.

About The Program

The Jennett Scholars Program provides five freshmen with $5,000 annually for four years of study at Valdosta State University. The Jennett Scholars also receive a waiver for on-campus housing as part of the scholarship program. Students selected as a Jennett Scholar must maintain good standing in the Honors College to continue receiving the scholarship. When coupled with the HOPE Scholarship, the Jennett Scholars award essentially includes full tuition and fees, room, board, and a book scholarship for most recipients. Program students are also required to participate in the Honors College which is oriented in preparing students for a 21st century world. Incorporating the values of scholarship, service learning, leadership, and interdisciplinary approaches, Honors graduates acquire the necessary skills for success in our ever-changing world.