Honors Option Contract

The Honors Option is designed to enable students to take courses not designated as Honors. The following guidelines apply to Honors Option Contracts:

  • Honors Option Contracts are intended for Major courses where no Honors courses are designated.

  • Honors Option Contracts are not intended for Core courses. Students should take scheduled Honors designated courses. Honors Option Contracts for core classes will only be considered in extenuating circumstances.

  • Students are responsible for coordinating with the instructor of the course before submitting the Honors Option Contract.

  • To receive Honors credit, enhanced assignments or activities must be clearly and specifically outlined in the Honors Option Contract.

  • Honors Option Contracts must be submitted no later than the second week of classes.

  • All specified work must be satisfactorily completed by the end of the semester with the instructors’ confirmation.

  • Students must receive a B or higher to receive credit for Honors.

This contract must be submitted electronically no later than the end the second week of classes. Successful Honors Options require planning, and most students begin the process during pre-registration. The more lead-time a professor has, the greater the opportunity to integrate the student's personal research interests and the professor's goals for the course.

Suggested Honors Option enhanced activities range from:

  • Extra assignments to in-class presentations,

  • Critiques of scholarly articles,

  • Additional research or creative projects,

  • And/or more extensive and theoretically informed versions of work required of all students in the course.

Please complete the following form to submit your Honors Option Contract. Any incomplete forms will not be accepted. You will receive a confirmation that your form has been successfully accepted.