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Meetings are held every TUESDAY @12:30pm in Room 1302 of the Psychology Building.

What is the Psych Club?

Club for any major! This organization is meant to increase your knowledge and experience with the field of psychology!

We have speakers from all areas of Psychology like Clinical, School Psychology/Counseling, I/O Psychology, Developmental, Cognitive, etc. come speak to us about their career and what it took to get there. We also are involved with a few fundraiser and activities like Kayak trips, Volleyball games, Progressive Dinners, and a bunch of different ways to get together and network, socialize, while still having fun and being around people who are interested in the same things you are!

Psych Club is very proud of all of its members who do research and are able to present these projects at many different conferences all over the United States. Members have presented at many conferences like the Georgia Psychological Society conference, the American Psychological Association conference etc.

We have our meetings every Tuesday at 12:30 in the Psychology building. If you want to come check it out feel free! Or if you can't make the meetings but want to still be involved with the club and the different activities we do, E-mail either our advisors Dr. Browne at blbrowne@valdosta.edu or Dr. Arrastia at mcarrastia@valdosta.edu. Hope to see you around!

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