Pre-Pharmacy Courses

The pre-pharmacy program at VSU meets the demands of the pharmacy schools in the state of Georgia (UGA, Mercer and South).  Students applying to pharmacy schools outside Georgia are responsible for determining any additional courses needed.

The suggested schedule completes the program in two calendar years, and includes summer classes. Alternatively, study may be spread out to more than two calendar years. Keep in mind that this program satisfies the pre-requisites for all three Georgia schools combined. If a student does not plan to apply to all three Georgia schools, some of the listed courses may not be required. Students are urged to contact each pharmacy school to which they wish to apply for details on pre-requisite courses.

Student preferring to complete a bachelor's degree before pharmacy school should see the pre-professional option under the B.S. in Chemistry.  Virtually all of the pre-pharmacy courses shown below can be applied to the completion of this degree program.

Please see the important notes below the table.

Suggested Program of Study

Year 1

CHEM 1211 3 CHEM 1212 3
CHEM 1211L 1 CHEM 1212L 1
MATH 1113 3 MATH 2261 4
BIOL 1107K 4 BIOL 1108K 4
ENGL 1101 3 ENGL 1102b 3
HIST 2111 or 2112a 3 PSYC 2500c 3
  17   18
Electivesd 9    

Year 2

CHEM 3401 4 CHEM 3402 4
PHYS 1111Ke 4 MATH 2620h 3
BIOL 2651f 4 BIOL 2652f 3
POLS 1101g 3 ECON 2105 or 2106 4
COMM 1100 3 ENGL Literaturei 3
    KSPE Electiveh 1
  18   18


Required for UGA and South. Satisfies 3 hours humanities elective for Mercer.
Required for UGA and Mercer. Satisfies 3 hours humanities for South.
c Required for South. Satisfies 3 hours social science elective for Mercer. This course is not required for UGA.
d These electives are not needed for Mercer. For South only 3 hours in social science, arts or humanities are required. For UGA all 9 hours must be accepted as World Languages and Culture. To see the UGA website for a list of acceptable courses visit 
e Required for South and Mercer. Not required for UGA.
f Required for South only.
g Required for UGA only. Satisfies 3 hours social sciences for Mercer and South.
Required for UGA only.
iRequired for South. Satisfies 3 hours humanities for Mercer. This course is not required for UGA.

Important Notes:

1.  The four chemistry courses must be taken in the order shown.

2.  MATH 1113 is a pre-requisite for both MATH 2261 and MATH 2620.  The latter two courses are
    independent of each other.

3.  BIOL 1107K is a pre-requisite for BIOL 1108K.

4.  ENGL 1101 is a pre-requisite for ENGL 1102.

5.  ENGL 1102 is a pre-requisite for all VSU ENGL Literature courses.

6.  All other courses are independent courses and can be taken during semesters other than those
    shown above.

Please see a pre-pharmacy advisor in the chemistry department if you have any questions about the program.