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The South Georgia State College Entry Program (SGSCEP-VSU) is designed to prepare you for a successful college experience. Living on campus brings all VSU events and services right to your fingertips creating a fun, academic experience. SGSCEP students have access to all VSU events and services including social and cultural events, concerts, athletic events, theater production, the recreation and health center, as well as academic support.  Just as we are committed to providing a safe, dynamic residential experience on campus through inclusive educational opportunities for VSU students, we take the same pledge for SGSCEP students. We commit to teaching and preparing every student in the pursuit of knowledge and growth, giving them the tools they need to succeed both within and outside the classroom.

How Housing is here for you

VSU will offer on-campus housing in Langdale Hall to the South Georgia State College Entry Program students for the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year. 

Move-In is on Friday, August 10th starting at the University Center in the SGSC Office.

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