Employee Information

Over the years Valdosta State University had implemented many new programs to improve the quality of life of our workforce.

The benefits of employment at the university range from a variety of health care plans and retirement packages to generous paid time off. Time is also set aside for personal growth and professional development. Click on the links below to explore the possibilities of enriching your work experience at Valdosta State University.

Additional Information: New Employee Welcome Page


Holiday Information

The University Community voted on the following holiday calendars in a survey that was implemented by COSA. Standard Business practice holds that when a Holiday falls on a Saturday you receive the Friday before as the holiday. When a holiday falls on a Sunday you receive the Monday after as the holiday. Employees are granted 12 holidays. Please see VSU Section 802.01 for additional information on Holidays.

Also note that BOR rule 8.2.7 states:

Vacation/annual leave shall be taken at times mutually acceptable to the employee and his/her supervisor; provided, however, that a University System institution may, on not more than five days, require the use of vacation/annual leave during periods in which all or substantially all of the institution’s facilities are closed because classes are not offered.

Therefore, the total number of mandatory days may not exceed five days.


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