Staff Excellence Awards

Excellence In Service: Classified Staff

COSA Chair Laura Pitts standing with Staff Excellence Award winners Tim Yorkey and Neil Culbreth who are holding their plaques. VSU President McKinney handing Ryan Hogan his Staff Excellence Award.

2014 Staff Excellence Award winners: Neal Culbreth, Tim Yorkey, and Ryan Hogan.                         

I. Eligibility:

  • The employee must have been a full-time classified staff member for at least three years.

  • An individual may not receive this award more than once in five consecutive years.

  • Direct reports to the President are not eligible for nomination.

II. Criteria:

The nomination criteria shall include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Demonstrates high standards of service to Valdosta State University.

  • Demonstrates exemplary performances in various aspects of his/her employment (skills, cooperation, job knowledge, attendance, self-improvement).

  • Demonstrates the following qualities and characteristics: initiative, reliability, and a professional attitude.

  • Demonstrates leadership through voluntary participation in staff functions and/or service on committees.

III. Nomination:

Nominations can be made by any full-time classified staff or faculty member. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

IV. Documentation:

Documentation shall consist of the following (to be submitted in one package):

  • A completed nomination form.

  • Up to five letters of support; a minimum of one must be from a colleague, if possible, in the nominee’s work area.

Additional letters may be submitted by:

  • Supervisor

  • Fellow employees outside the nominee’s work area

  • Faculty members

  • Administrators

Letters of support/recommendation from employee spouses or relatives will not be accepted.

V.  Selection Committee:

 The Selection Committee will consist of one representative from each division and one representative from the Council on Staff Affairs.

VI. Selection Schedule:

The Selection Committee will review the nominees submitted and will recommend one nominee to the President.


2007: Mary Jane Doner and Stanley Jones

2008: Becky Murphy and Diane Guess

2009: Jeff Grant

2010: Sharon Butcher

2011: Debbie Conrad and Karen Shepard

2012: No Awards Given

2013: Kathy Sundin