Helpful Hints For Submitting Your Thesis & Dissertation


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The following are helpful hints as you climb the final steps to graduation!

  • Submit a signed Thesis or Dissertation Committee Appointment Form to the Graduate School at least three semesters before graduation.

    Thesis Committee Form - PDF format (DPA or EDD dissertation committee forms can be found in respective program handbooks or web sites).

  • Committee members must have graduate faculty status to serve on a thesis or dissertation committee (Graduate Faculty List)

Fall 2015 Deadline Spring 2016 Deadline Summer 2015
3:00 pm Friday, November 20 3:00 pm Friday, April 15  3:00 pm Friday, July 17
Graduation: December 11 Graduation: TBA No summer ceremony



  • One PRINTED copy of thesis or dissertation on regular paper, single sided (this copy will be marked during the review).
  • All signature pages signed by your committee (on same paper as that being used for bound copies - a good quality 20lb acid-free copying paper but not too expensive!).  Committee Members: do NOT date when signing! Sign in blue ink. Submit as many copies of the signature page as will be bound.
  • A copy of the binding fee form marked paid by the Bursary or a copy of receipt (student keeps the original).
  • DPA and EDD students must also submit Final Dissertation Approval Forms (found in their respective program handbooks or web sites).
  • When dropping off your thesis or dissertation at the Graduate School include name, student ID number, email address, mailing address, and phone numbers where you can be reached.


Make sure you use 1.5" left margins throughout the document.  All other margins - 1" except the first page of each chapter - 2" top margin. (Trouble with page numbering and margins in Word?  Consult with your thesis or dissertation committee members for help, or contact the Student Success Center at 229-333-7570, or Odum Library's Reference Desk at 229-333-7149 for assistance.)

Title Page 
Copyright Page
Signature Page
Fair Use and Duplication Release Form
Abstract (begin page numbering with this page with Roman numeral i )
Table of Contents
*List of Figures or Illustrations (use if you have 3 or more figures) 
*List of Tables (use if you have 3 or more tables) 
Body of Text and Nontext Elements (begin numbering with page number 1 - bottom center) 
Endnotes/Footnotes/Text References
Bibliography/Reference List 
*Autobiographical Statement
Items with asterisks (*) are optional.

  • Note: Even if you use APA, APSA, MLA, or Chicago style the above components are necessary for the more formal document such as a thesis or dissertation. Some Graduate School requirements may supersede program styles.  (For example, no bold text in the document except on the signature page.  Capitalize book titles in references.)
  • Have you successfully defended your thesis or dissertation? If so, your committee chair will need to notify the Graduate School of this information in writing (send a memo or e-mail to the Graduate School).
  • IRB or IACUC approval or exemption for your research: include a copy of your approval or exemption form in the appendices and mention the approval or exemption and reference the appendix in the methodology chapter. If no review was needed, include statement in thesis or dissertation that none was needed.
  • Appendices: be sure to mention them in your chapters (see Appendix A, B, C, etc.), especially IRB or IACUC approval/exemption!  Include a cover sheet for each appendix.  The cover sheet's page number should be referenced in the Table of Contents.
  • Signature pages: be sure to bring all signed pages when you submit your final draft to the Graduate School. [To avoid having to "redo" sig pages, Teresa Williams would be happy to review your signature page before thesis or dissertation defense - just send as an attachment to]
  • Interim Graduate School Dean Information: Please use the following information for the interim graduate dean's signature block:

James T. LaPlant, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

  • DOCTOR OF EDUCATION (EDD) STUDENTS: Please use the following information for the INTERIM COLLEGE OF EDUCATION dean's signature block:

Lynn C. Minor, Ed.D.

Professor of Early Childhood Education

  • DOCTOR OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (DPA) STUDENTS:  Please use the following information for the College of Arts & Sciences dean's signature block:

Connie L. Richards, Ph.D.

Professor of English


Be sure to pay your binding fee at the Bursary.  (The binding fee form can be printed from the link below.) Give a copy of the form marked paid to Teresa Williams when dropping off hard copy of dissertation by the deadline.  Student keeps the original.  OR...students can pay the binding fee ONLINE via VSU's Marketplace at:

Be sure to send Teresa Williams a copy of the receipt via e-mail.  The original form still needs to be completed and accompany copies to be bound, but not marked by the bursary if paying online.

Library Binding Fee Form (PDF format) Must by marked paid by VSU's Bursary when paying binding fees and submitted with all copies to be bound after final review and signature pages are released to the student.  Please use the most recent edition (includes a line for student's 870 number).

For those that report results of research findings, there should be a space before and after each = , <, or > sign used in chapters and tables. When mentioning t tests: do not hyphenate if used as a noun (a sample t test was used to determine...); use a hyphen if used as an adjective (t-test analysis; or t-test results revealed...).

After the Graduate School reviews students' theses or dissertations, and changes (if any) are satisfactorily made, students are responsible for making enough copies to be bound and picking up signature pages.  Insert sig pages behind copyright pages.  Include the binding fee form (marked paid by the Bursary) with copies to be bound and deliver to the Acquisitions Office in Odum Library (fourth floor).  AND submit a copy in WORD to the Archives in Odum Library, by clicking on the V-text link below. Include a list of "tag" words in a separate file. Again, these last steps are the responsibility of the student

V-text Submission - Purpose: Valdosta State University Graduate students who have completed their thesis or dissertation are now required to place an electronic version of their work in V-text, an open access digital repository maintained by the Odum Library to collect, preserve, and distribute Valdosta State University's intellectual capital in ways not currently supported by traditional library and publication print models. Student's may access the Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Permission and Submission Form at V-Text Form.  If you have any questions or concerns about your submission or encounter errors in the submission process, please contact the V-text Management Committee at  You may also call the Archives at 229 333-7150.