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Business & Professional Development Opportunities for Fall 2015

Certification Preparation and Relicensure

Preparation for PHR/SPHR Certification

Food Safety Manager Certification

ServSafe - Exam proctoring options

Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE)

Court Reporters Fall 2015 Workshop

Certificate Programs

Administrative Assistant I & II Certificate

Creative Writing Certificate

Digital Photography Certificate

Grant Writing Certificate

Internet & Social Media Marketing Certificate

Business and Management

Management/Leadership Skill-Builder Workshops

Leadership: Women and Diversity in the Workplace

Collecting Past Due Accounts: Effective Techniques for Management

Import Export Now! (Online)

Exporting Food as a Small Business (Online)

Language and Communication

Survival Sign Language

Getting Paid to Talk: An Introduction to Voice Overs

Social Media Marketing for Business

Writing for Publication - Feature Writing

Photography and Technology

Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Photoshop Basics

Digital Photography Certificate Program

...and for those on the GO!

Online Classes (available all year)

Certification Preparation & Relicensure

Preparation for PHR/SPHR Certification

Human Resources is highly competitive and ever-changing and professional development is critical. Earning your certification helps keep you up-to-date, demonstrates your commitment to the HR profession, and can set you apart as an expert in the HR field. This course uses the Human Resources Certification Preparation (HRCP) program training materials and prepares you to take the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) exam for a PHR or SPHR credential. (2.4 CEUs)

16ABPD06     12 Thurs      Sept 17 - Dec 10 (no class Nov 26)      6 - 8 PM        $350 (training materials not included**)         $375 after Sept 8

Location: Regional Center for Continuing Education
Instructor: Ronnie Cooper, SPHR

**Participants are responsible for purchasing training materials from HRCP, L.C. VSU Continuing Education students will receive a discount on materials. Please contact Sue Bailey or call 229-245-6484 for information and discount code BEFORE making your materials purchase.


Food Safety Manager Certification (Class & Exam)

One Day Certification Course Do you know how to reduce critical risk factors for food-borne illness in your food service establishment? With ServSafe training you can bring back to work the knowledge you and your employees need to serve safe food to your customers! Participants passing with a grade of 75% or higher receive ServSafe Food Safety Certification from the NRAEF. Certification is valid for 5 years. (.85 CEU)

Benefits of taking ServSafe training with us:

  • One-day training with a certified instructor.
  • Class concludes with the administration of the online certification exam.
  • Pass/fail results are available immediately.
  • eCertificates now available from once grades have been recorded.
  • Textbook and exam materials are included.
  • Multilingual textbooks and test materials are available. Please call Sue Bailey for information: 229-245-6484.

16FBPD14     Mon      Nov 16     9 AM – 6:30 PM         $189 (includes textbook and exam)        $229 after Nov 5

Please note: You MUST register by Wednesday, Nov 5 to guarantee you will have your textbook in time to study before the class.

After Thursday, Nov 5:

  • Additional 2nd day or overnight delivery charges for materials may be incurred.
  • Call to see if spots are available in class.
  • No refunds for cancellations, but you may send a substitute. Please contact our office in advance with the substitute's name and registration information.

Location: Regional Center for Continuing Education
Instructor: Sue Bailey


Exam Only Option for this session:

If you need to take the exam and not the class, you may join group at 4 PM. Please be on time. You must register following the same date structure as the course in order to guarantee your seat.

Time: Testing will begin promptly at 4:30 pm; you must be in your seat by 4 pm.  No one will be admitted to the exam only session after 4:15 PM.

Fee: $75 (Fee is a proctoring fee only and does not include textbook and test materials.)

Participants in the exam-only option are responsible for purchasing their textbook and exam voucher. See ServSafe Exam-Only Options below for complete information.

ServSafe Exam-Only Options 

Computer-Based Online Exam

For individuals seeking a proctor only:         

  • who have completed the ServSafe food safety online course,

  • are retaking the ServSafe exam,

  • or are non-English speakers doing self-study in their preferred language.

Except where indicated, exam-only sessions are held on the second Tuesday of the month in the Continuing Education Annex Computer Lab. See the table below for exact dates and times.

  • Exams are online but must be taken onsite with a proctor.

  • The online tests are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

  • Unofficial Pass/Fail results are available immediately upon completion of the exam.

  • eCertificates can be printed/downloaded from once the test has been graded and exam scores become available.
  • Registrants are responsible for purchasing their study materials (textbook or online course) and exam voucher from the ServSafe website:

  • There is no class time included in exam only sessions. Participants are responsible for self study. (A minimum of two weeks study time prior to taking the exam is recommended.)

Exam Only Registration Fee - $75

Location: Regional Center for Continuing Education 
Instructor: Sue Bailey


Date Time
Nov 10 9 AM
Dec 8 9 AM

For exam-only students, please register by 4 PM the Thursday before the exam date.

Court Reporters Fall 2015 Workshop          

Court reporters must keep up-to-date with the knowledge, skills, and tools of court reporting to maintain excellence in the court reporting profession. This workshop provides opportunities for individual growth and development, interaction, and exchange of ideas as you learn new approaches to work responsibilities, functions, and relationships in the profession. Topics are TBA. (.5 CEU)

Application for approval for .5 CEUs is made to ICJE and NVRA for this workshop.

Approved for .5 CUEs by NCRA.

Sign-in and refreshments begin at 8:15 AM. The first presentation begins at 8:45 AM.

16FBPD03     Sat     Oct 24     8:45 AM - 3 PM     $109 ($125 after Oct 21)     Continental breakfast and lunch are included.


Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE)

Attention, attorneys! Did you know that you can earn your CLE credits without leaving Valdosta? The Institute for Continuing Legal Education in Georgia offers live webcasts on Fridays during which the participants may call in with questions. Replays of the webcasts are generally available the following Thursdays. Programs are scheduled from November through March, with a program for new attorneys in the spring.  

Walk-in Registrations Welcome

2015 - 2016 Statewide Satellite Downlink Schedule

Complete Schedule will be available in early October. Click here for more information.

Fall 2015

October 15

Replay - Beginning Lawyers Program Video Replay 
(Registration Open to TILPP Participants Only)

9:00 – 4:30

October 30

Trial Advocacy 

9:00 – 4:30

November 5

Replay - Trial Advocacy

9:00 – 4:30

November 6

Real Property Foreclosure Law

9:00 – 4:30

November 12 

Replay - Real Property Foreclosure Law

9:00 – 4:30

November 13

Recent Developments

9:00 – 4:30

November 19

Replay - Recent Developments

9:00 – 4:30

November 20

Basic Adoption Law

9:00 – 4:30

December 3

Replay - Basic Adoption Law

9:00 – 4:30

December 11*

Professionalism, Ethics & Malpractice

9:00 – 12:15

December 17*

Replay - Professionalism, Ethics & Malpractice

9:00 – 12:15

Spring 2016

January 15

Jury Trial

9:00 – 4:30

January 21

Replay - Jury Trial

9:00 – 4:30

January 22

Defense of Personal Injury Case

9:00 – 4:30

January 28

Replay - Defense of Personal Injury Case

9:00 – 4:30

January 29

Internet Legal Research

9:00 – 4:30

February 4

Replay - Internet Legal Research

9:00 – 4:30

February 5

Residential Real Estate

9:00 – 4:30

February 11

Replay - Residential Real Estate

9:00 – 4:30

February 19

Elder Law

9:00 – 4:30

February 25

Replay - Elder Law

9:00 – 4:30

February 26

Plaintiff’s Personal Injury

9:00 – 4:30

March 3

Replay - Plaintiff’s Personal Injury

9:00 – 4:30

March 4*

Professionalism & Ethics Update

9:00 – 11:15

March 10*

Replay - Professionalism & Ethics Update

9:00 – 11:15

March 11

Trial and Error

9:00 – 4:30

March 17

Replay - Trial and Error

9:00 – 4:30

March 18 (Friday)

Replay - Jury Trial

9:00 – 4:30

March 22 (Tuesday)

Replay - Beginning Lawyers

9:00 – 4:30

March 25

Replay - Recent Developments

9:00 – 4:30

Dates: Note schedule above (subject to change)
Time: Check in 8:30 AM, Broadcast welcome 8:55, Various ending times
Location: Regional Center for Continuing Education
Instructors: ICLE
Fee: Varies, go to for more information

Check the ICLE web site at, or call 1-800-422-0893 for a complete schedule of programs and registration information.

Business & Management

Leadership: Women and Diversity in the Workplace

A diverse management team or workforce, which includes women, is extremely valuable to the growth and success of an organization. Moreover, when placed in leadership and decision-making positions, women are highly effective and productive. With proper training, clearly planned programs, and support from corporations, women can find themselves advancing at a higher rate. The purpose of this training is to provide high-potential, emerging female leaders with the tools and knowledge to be sustainable leaders within an organization or business. The training will also challenge companies to implement similar ongoing programs for female employees. The focus will be on leadership styles, the importance of diversity in the workplace, why women are important to a company's bottom line, and what women can do to become a leader in the workplace. (.5 CEU)

After completing this training, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of women in leadership roles.
  • Understand the role of companies in advancing women.
  • Understand the importance of diversity in the workplace and its effect on a company's organizational dynamic.
  • Understand what women can do to advance in the workplace.
  • Understand the difference between men and women leading in the workplace.
  • Gain an understanding of leadership styles, approaches, and definitions.
  • Know effective and successful tactics to empower and motivate employees.
  • Understand the difference between leading and managing.

Networking lunch is included in the workshop fee. Bring plenty of business cards to share!

Meet Your Instructor...Lakisha Brooks is CEO of Brooks Enterprise and Consultants in Atlanta and a trainer, coach,and author. Lakisha holds a Master of Administrative Leadership, Training, and Development from Central Michigan University. 

16ABPD07     Tues     Sept 29     8:30 AM - 2:30 PM     $79 ($95 after Sept 22)     Lunch is included.


Collecting Past Due Accounts: Effective Techniques for Management

The older a debt gets, the harder it is to collect. It is critical to handle debt collection in a way that will result in most or all of the debt in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of frustration. Discover effective techniques for office management, business owners, and others who collect on their accounts receivable to get customers to pay their pastdue accounts.

Meet Your Instructor...Brandon Mainer is owner and CEO of MaineStream Consulting, LLC, and a staff auditor in VSU's Internal Audits department. Brandon holds a Master of Accountancy and is working on his Master of Education in Higher Education Administration.

16FBPD07     2 Thurs     Oct 8 & 15     6 - 8 PM     $59 ($69 after Oct 5)


Import Export Now!

Discover what it takes to be self-employed in import or export (or both) of goods or services in this hands-on course delivered over the Internet. Learn how to develop your product or service, find the best suppliers and customers, work with banks, currency issues, insurance companies, government agencies and other trade entities. Live online sessions scheduled on Wednesdays. (1.8 CEU)

Meet Your Instructor...John Spiers has been trading internationally since 1984. The required textbook, How Small business Trades Worldwide, is available at online bookstores, new or used, for under $26. The Kindle version is available for under $10. ISBN 978-0-9795515-0-5

16FBPD04     ONLINE     Oct 7 - Dec 2     Wed/9 Online meetings: 9 - 11 pm Eastern; 8 - 10 pm Centra; 7 - 9 pm Mountain; 6 - 8 pm Pacific 


Exporting Food as a Small Business

What if you could find untapped markets overseas for a small food or beverage business that was just as profitable but no more difficult than a domestic sale? No business is too small to export! In this hands-on course, you'll develop the FOB MOQ US$ expert offer (don't worry, we'll explain), turn it into a webpage, and then actively market to buyers overseas who are ready, willing, and able to buy, without wasting time and money on trade lead and "market intelligence" services. (.8 CEU)

Meet Your Instructor...John Spiers has been trading internationally since 1984.

16FBPD05     ONLINE   Oct 6 - Oct 27     Tues/4 Online meetings: 9 - 11 pm Eastern; 8 - 10 pm Centra; 7 - 9 pm Mountain; 6 - 8 pm Pacific


Language & Communication

Survival Sign Language

Open the doors of communication and explore basic survival sign language, the language used by Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons. You will be introduced to Deaf culture while you learn finger spelling, basic signs, common phrases, and grasp general concepts and structure of American Sign Language (ASL). Build basic conversational skills in a fun and welcoming environment. No textbook required. (1.0 CEU)

Meet Your Instructor...Jennifer Beal-Alvarez is an assistant professor in VSU's Department of Middle Grades, Secondary, Reading, and Deaf Education.

16ABPD02      5 Mon      Aug 31 - Oct 5 (No class Sept 7)     6 - 8 PM      $89 ($105 after Aug 26)     

Location:  Regional Center of Continuing Education


Getting Paid to Talk - An Introduction to Voice Overs

Have you ever been told that you have a great voice? In this exciting class, you’ll explore numerous aspects of voice over work for television, film, radio, audio books, documentaries and the Internet in your area. Discover all the basics, including how to prepare the all-important demo and how to be successful and earn great income in this exciting field. Ask questions and hear examples of demos recorded by professional voice actors. You’ll even have the chance to practice recording a commercial script under the direction of our producer! This class is informative, lots of fun, and a great first step for anyone interested in voice acting professionally. (.25 CEU)

For more detailed information about class content, answers to common questions, and general information about the voice acting field, visit

Register early! Minimum enrollments must be reached by Wednesday, Sept 16. (Please contact us at 229-245-6484 to inquire about registrations after Sept 16.) 

16ABPD03     Wed     Sept 23      6:30 - 9 PM      $29 ($39 after Sept 16) 


Social Media Marketing for Business

Are you still standing on the social media sidelines? If so, you need to get in the game! Over 73% of small business owners are using social media to get the word out about their businesses and engaging their audiences. Social media allows you to grow and strengthen relationships with your target audience. In this workshop, you will identify social networks of audiences that are right for your business, learn what to post and when, and how to engage your audience. Some experience in social media is recommended. (.25 CEU)

Meet Your Instructor...Keith Warburg is Assistant Director for Creative Services for Digital Media at VSU. Keith manages all VSU digital media accounts and conducts staff trainings.

16FBPD13     Thurs     Oct 15     6 - 8:30 PM     $39 ($49 after Oct 12)


Writing for Publication - Feature Writing

Moving beyond the no nonsense facts of news stories, features include detail, description, and depth to delight the reader and reveal the hidden stories behind people, places, trends, and events.  Features provide writers with room to flex their pens and show off their style yet offer a reader useful and interesting information. Explore the fun and fascinating genre of feature writing. Learn about the basics of feature writing, including story types, organizational patterns, style guides, use of sources, and the publication process. (.3 CEU)

Meet Your Instructor...Darrell Fike, received his doctorate from Florida State University's Creative Writing Program. Darrell is a professor in VSU's English Department. His published work includes academic essays, creative non-fiction, poetry, and journalism.

16FBPD02     Sat      Oct 3      9 AM - 12 Noon      $69 ($79 after Sept 28) 


Photography & Technology

Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Interested in learning basic skills to operate your digital SLR camera and take better photos? Explore auto settings, exposure control, how to choose ISO settings, and gain an understanding of color temperature, white balance, image noise reduction, and more. You will have lots of practice taking pictures using your new skills. A prosumer SLR digital camera with interchangeable lenses is recommended; an advanced digital camera with a zoom lens and aperture and shutter priorities is acceptable. Please bring your camera to class. (1.0 CEU)

Meet Your Instructor...Paul Leavy earned his B.S. in journalism in 1985 from the University of Florida. Paul became university photographer for VSU in August 2012 after more than 25 years as Valdosta Daily Times staff photographer and has won many photography awards including the coveted Photo of the Year from the Georgia Associated Press (.6 CEU)

16ABPD04     5 Tues      Sept 22 - Oct 20      6 - 8 PM      $139 ($155 after Sept 16)

Photoshop Basics

Learn the basics of image editing with Adobe Photoshop and build skills that will help you go further with the application. Practice using core tools, working with images and selections, resizing, creating and modifying layers, adjusting and retouching images, and more. As an added bonus, you will be introduced to some fun Photoshop effects. (.6 CEU)

Meet Your Instructor...Roberto Leal is part of VSU's Media Services team. He teaches workshops and classes for students and staff in many Adobe programs including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, and Illustrator.

16FBPD01     4 Thurs      Oct 22 - Nov 12      6 - 7:30 PM      $69 ($79 after Oct 19)