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More Intuitive Drawing

Combine basic drawing tools and materials with creative ways of seeing as you learn the fundamentals of drawing. Increase skills in seeing and drawing edges, spaces, perspective, shading, and more. Supply list will be mailed with registration receipt or you may print the pdf - Intuitive Drawing Supply List. Instructor David Rodgers holds master’s degrees in Fine Arts and Interior Design.

16SPEL08     5 Tues     Apr 5 - May 3     6:30 – 8:30 PM     $109 ($125 after Mar 31)     Supplies not included.


Clay Sculpture 

All you need is a ball of clay in your hands to create a beautiful piece of art! Learn to hand-build with clay slabs and make pinch pots and coil pottery from flat coils. Use a simple paper plate as a press mold and make square slab pots decorated with great textures. Instructor Alpha Bruton is an artist and co-owner of Phantom Gallery in Chicago. Clay and basic tools are provided. A list of additional supplies will be sent with registration receipt. (Register by Feb 26 to ensure delilvery of materials in time for the first class session.)

16WPEL03     Thurs / Tues / Thurs     Mar 10, 15 & 17     6 - 8 PM     $109 (After Feb 26, $125)     CLAY & TOOLS INCLUDED.


Painting Basics

Want to paint but don’t know where to start? Begin at the beginning! Learn basic painting concepts and techniques using acrylics, watercolor, or tempera. Instructor Ray Noll teaches art at VSU. Supply list will be
mailed with registration receipt.

16SPEL03     4 Mon     Apr 4 - 25     6 - 8 PM     $99 (After Mar 29 , $115)     Supplies not included.


Paint with Pastels

The medium of pastels has a wide variety of uses. Once used by masters to make preliminary sketches for paintings, it has grown into its own genre - a medium of light and color that lends itself to making simple objects sing. Explore the possibilities of pastel as you learn to draw still-life setups with firm or soft pastels. For the first class session, bring a box of pastels and a tablet of newsprint paper. Additional supplies will be discussed during the first session. (Firm pastels are recommended, but you can use soft pastels if you prefer.) Instructor Anna Waddell is a local artist and art teacher. You may print the course outline and see samples of Anna's pastel art: Pastel Still Life and Pastel from a Patio.

16WPEL04     5 Thurs     Mar 24 - Apr 21     6 - 8:15 PM     $99 (After Mar 21, $115)    Supplies not included.


Drawing Basics

Learn the elements of drawing - line, shape, proportion and perspective, light and shadow, and how to apply these skills to create the “whole drawing.” Supply list will be mailed with registration receipt. Instructor Ray Noll teaches art at VSU. Supply list will be mailed with registration receipt.

16SPEL04     4 Mon     Jun 6 - 27     6 - 8 PM      $99 (After May 31, $115)     Supplies not included.



Good to Know...

Do-It-Yourself Bike Maintenance

In this hands-on workshop, find out how to maintain your bike to keep it in shape. You will learn:

  • Names and functions of bicycle components
  • How to patch tubes and change tires
  • How to adjust derailleurs/gears and brakes
  • How to change cables and housing and much more!

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to keep their bike in tip top shape. A knowledge of basic hand tools and simple machines is helpful, but not required.

You may bring your own bike and tools. The instructor will provide bikes and tools to work on. Instructor Joel Dion is founder of Krank It Up!, a Tallahassee community bike project for building and repairing bikes.

16SPEL07     3 Mon     Apr 4 - 18     6 - 7:30 PM    $59 ($69 after Mar 29)


Math for Standardized Tests: SAT, ACT, and GRE

Prepare for the math portion of the SAT, ACT, or GRE. Ideal for junior and senior high school students and college students. No textbook required. Handouts will be provided.

Prerequisites: first-year high school math - algebra and trigonometry

Instructor Jonghoon Kang holds a PhD in quantitative science and teaches in the Biology Department at VSU.

16WPEL02     6 Mon & Wed     Jan 25 - Mar 2     5 - 6:15 PM     $89 ($99 after Jan 19)


Physical Activity Levels in China

Bring your brown bag lunch and learn about the different physical activity styles and activity levels experienced by adolescents, adults, and older adults in China. There will be demonstrations and time for questions and discussion. Instructor Han Chen teaches Kinesiology & Physical Education at VSU. Preregistration is requested.

16SPEL06     2 Tues     Apr 5 & 12     11:30 AM - 12:30 PM     Free


Basic Bridge

For players who know beginning bridge and want to improve their skills. Structured lessons will be reinforced by playing hands related to the concepts taught. Minimum enrollment of 12 students must be met by Friday, Jan 15. Instructor Dean Deany teaches bridge classes for LIR and enjoys sharing his passion for and expertise in the game.

16WLIR043     6 Wed     Jan 20 - Feb 24     1 - 3 PM     $79 (After Jan 15, $89)


Yoga for Stress 

Learn a variety of yoga postures to help you relieve stress. Practice breathing techniques for relaxation. Explore stretching techniques to improve flexibility. Appropriate for beginners and all levels of experience. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. Instructor Suzanne Montgomery holds a yoga teacher training credential and has 5 years of teaching experience.

16WPEL08     8 Tues     Feb 23 - Apr 12     6 - 7 PM     $69 (After Feb 17, $79)


Language & Communication

Survival Sign Language

Open the doors of communication and explore basic survival sign language. You will be introduced to Deaf culture and etiquette while you learn finger spelling, basic signs, common phrases, and grasp general concepts and structure of American Sign Language (ASL). Build basic conversational skills in a fun and welcoming environment. No textbook required. (1.0 CEU) Instructor Jennifer Beal-Alvarez is an assistant professor in VSU's Department of Middle Grades, Secondary, Reading, and Deaf Education.

16WPEL11     5 Mon     Feb 29 - Apr 4 (No class Mar 14)     6 - 8 PM      $89 ($105 after Feb 23)  


Survival Spanish

Learn and practice useful and common words, phrases, and expressions so you can communicate in basic Spanish when traveling or speaking to friends, colleagues, and customers. (1.2 CEU) Instructor Susan Wehling is a professor in Modern & Classical Languages at VSU.

16WPEL12     6 Mon     Mar 21 - Apr 25     6 - 8 PM     $89 (After Mar 15, $99)


Window to the Middle East

Explore Middle Eastern culture through language, cuisine, religion, history, and politics. Learn basic Arabic words and phrases and enjoy a sampling of popular dishes such as tabbouli, hummus, and baba ghanoush. Instructor Mouyyed Hassouni has taught extensively on the Middle East at Valdosta State University and Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and is well known locally for his cooking skills.

16SPEL09     4 Tuesdays     Apr 5 - 26     6 - 8 PM     $59 (After Mar 29, $69)


Writing for Publication – Poetry

After this workshop, you will be a poet even if you don’t know it now. Discover techniques for finding the poetry in everyday life and some models for putting the words together to craft a poem (.3 CEU) Instructor Darrell Fike is a professor in VSU’s English Department and a published writer, poet, and journalist.

16SBPD05     Sat     Apr 2     9 AM - 12 PM     $69 (After Mar 28, $79)


Musically Speaking

Learn to Play Ukulele!

No musical knowledge needed! Learn strummed chords for soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone ukuleles. Music will be provided. Please bring a 1 ½ inch 3-ring binder. Beginner ukes available for purchase locally from Kilgard Instrument Repair (229-242-3444) or Danny Crosby at Toads & Teacups (229-244-7220) for about $35. (Also available from online vendors such as Instructor Jeniene Lee teaches ukulele for VSU Continuing Education’s Learning in Retirement program and other venues around Valdosta.

16WPEL05     6 Mon     Mar 28 - May 2     6 - 7:30 PM     $89 (After Mar 23, $99)


The Joy of Singing

Did you know that singing is a learned skill? Practice vocal exercises and healthy voice techniques. Find your most natural and powerful voice and gain confidence in singing. Instructor Ronda Paoletti is an accomplished professional singer and teaches at Valwood School.

16SPEL02     5 Mon     June 6 - July 11 (No class July 4)     6:30 - 7:30 PM     $99 (After May 31, $109)


Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People

If you yearn to experience the joy of playing piano, but you don’t want years of weekly lessons, this short course is for you. In just a few hours you can learn enough secrets of the trade to make piano playing a part of your life. How is it done? Typical piano lessons teach you note reading, but piano professionals use chords. You will learn all the chords needed to play any pop song in this one session: any song. any style, any key. And you’ll get a healthy dose of insider secrets used by professional musicians.

If you already know your way around a keyboard a little, you know enough to enroll in this workshop. If not, email for a helpful free pamphlet to get you started. Instructor Michael McMillan is a full-time professional musician/teacher.

Please note: Instructor will collect $25 in class for a book and practice CD.

16WPEL01     Mon     Feb 29    6 - 9 PM     $59 ($69 after Feb 24)


Ballroom 101: Waltz & Foxtrot

Learn the basics of Waltz and Foxtrot so you will be ready to hit the dance floor at your next wedding or other social event! Practice posture, leading, following, and basic dance patterns of these two popular dances. Singles are welcome but we can't guarantee a partner for you. Instructor Janice Blanchard, a lifelong dancer, teaches both public and private dance lessons. She is a member of USA Dance - Tallahassee and enjoys sharing her love of this art form with people of all ages.

16SPEL05    6 Thurs       Apr 21 - May 26      6:30 - 7:45 PM       $79 ($89 after Apr 18)

Bring a Friend Discount! Two friends registering and paying together for Ballroom 101 receive $10 off the second registration.


Salsa Sensual

Dancing the Salsa lifts your spirits with its contagious energy! Learn proper posture, leading, following, and basic dance steps. A little bachata and merengue will be introduced as time allows. No open-back sandals, rubber-soled shoes, or sneakers please. Instructor Ellen Friedrich is a recently retired VSU professor of Modern & Classical Languages.

16WPEL09     4 Tues     Feb 2 - 23     7:30 - 8:45 PM     $59 (After Jan 27, $69)


Belly Dance for Fun & Fitness

Discover belly dance for fun and fitness! No experience needed. Learn and practice core movements, isolations, and basic traveling steps. Wear comfortable clothing. No sneakers or rubber-soled shoes; bare feet or socks recommended. Instructor Megan Slator has 15+ years of experience teaching belly dance.

16WPEL10     6 Thurs     Mar 3 - Apr 14 (No class Mar 17)     6:30 - 7:30 PM     $69 (After Feb 26, $79)



Currently no classes in this category.


Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Learn basic skills to operate your digital SLR camera and take better photos. SLR digital camera with interchangeable lenses is recommended. An advanced digital camera with an zoom lens and aperture and shutter priorities is acceptable. (1.0 CEU) Instructor Paul Leavy is university photographer for VSU and a past winner of Photo of the Year from the Georgia Associated Press.

16WBPD01     5 Tues     Mar 1 - 29     6 – 8 PM     $139 ($155 after Feb 24)


Fun with Photoshop

Learn to use a variety of fun Photoshop effects to enhance your images. Prerequisites: ability to use basic Photoshop editing techniques. (.45 CEU) Effects include:

1. Create A Poster/Flyer: Use a photo to create a mock poster by extracting an image from one background and placing it on another background; then use Typography to complete the poster mockup.

2. Manipulate an empty room into a party: Take a photo of the same person in different parts of a room and use a few masking techniques in Photoshop to create the illusion of multiple people in the room.

3. Create a soft Nashville/Dream effect in Photoshop: Apply several Photoshop adjustment layers to create the soft lighting effect used in social media such as Instagram. (This effect is often used in wedding portraits to give it a dreamy look.)

 Instructor Roberto Leal is part of VSU’s Media Services team. He teaches workshops and classes for students and staff in many Adobe programs including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, and Illustrator.

16SPEL01     3 Thurs     Apr 7 - 21     6 - 7:30 PM     $59 ($69 after Apr 4)