Poster Print Request Form

This electronic form is to be filled out and sent with a completed poster attachment no bigger than 5 MB. It is preferred that users send us their project as a PDF file already properly sized to the dimensions that we are requested to print to. We commonly print out posters at the 22X34 inches size. Posters at this size will be charged at a rate of .15 cents per inch. Larger poster print requests will be charged at a rate of .30 cents per inch. 

See our price list for more information: 

If your poster exceeds the 5 MB limit then you will need to email us at your print request. Posters that exceed 25 MB in size cannot be received via email. At 25 MB or larger, please bring your print request to the Media Center on jump drive or some other transferable media.

Note: Any field with a red asterisk is a required section to be filled out. 

Only faculty and staff members will need to fill out the above text box if printing out of the departmental budget.

Upon receiving your request we will have a 24 hour turn around period.

Please remember to provide us at least one full day to receive and process your request.

Note: Foam board white and black are only for poster sizes that are in the 22X34 poster range. 

Please be certain that you attach the document you intend to have printed. Before you attach your document be certain that you have the dimensions of your document properly set.

Note: If designing your poster using PowerPoint please refer to our guide on how to make a poster.