Job of the Week

 Please occasionally "Search for Opportunities Posted to My School" for recent online job listings on College Central Network (CCN). Listed below is the instructions link for current VSU students and alumni to get registered with CCN:

College Central Network Registration Instruction.

Here are some current jobs from CCN:

Sales Assistant, Television Station, Middle GA, Job ID#3990226, Deadline: 10/15/15 

Jr. GIS Analyst, Locations throughout US, Job ID#4145666, Deadline: 10/17/15

Human Resources Specialist, County Government, Middle GA,  Job ID#4208393, Deadline: 10/28/15

Information System Analyst, Government Outsourced Services, Southeast GA, Job ID#4208280, Deadline: 10/28/15

Marketing Coordinator, Television Station, Middle GA, Job ID#3990199, Deadline: 12/31/15