Interview Q & A

The Encounter is intended to be less formal than a full-time career expo, but you still want to treat it as you would a regular job interview. Think about the common questions you have been asked before when applying for part-time jobs or internships, then consider these tips to help you on the day of the event.

What should I say to the recruiter? 

Assess your experiences and skills before The Encounter. Know your strengths and weaknesses before you walk in the door. Be prepared to discuss your qualifications and resume with the recruiter, and do not be shy about expressing your interest in working for a company.  

It may feel awkward at first like you are making small talk, but with a little practice you will get comfortable. The recruiter is just trying to get a sense of your personality and "fit" with the company. Be yourself and smile as you naturally would when engaged in polite conversation.

How do I make myself stand out from other applicants?

Distinguish yourself by illustrating your personal qualities and abilities with specific examples from your past. Try to address any underlying questions you think the recruiter might have about your suitability for the job. 

Also, dwell on the positive. If the recruiter asks about past failures or shortcomings, explain the circumstances rather than give excuses or blame others. You will create a better impression by being honest. 

What else do recruiters notice besides what I say? 

Be mindful of your non-verbal communication while you are talking (it speaks volumes). Nervous hands and feet can distract the recruiter's attention from what you are saying. Stand with good posture to appear poised and confident throughout the conversation. Offer a firm handshake and make eye contact with the recruiter. 

Your clothing and accessories convey a particular message as well. Think clean and conservative. Business Professional is not required for The Encounter, but we do highly encourage Business Casual.

Am I allowed to ask the recruiter questions?

Yes! The Encounter is your opportunity to determine if you would "fit" with an employer and enjoy working there. Find out, for instance, what the job responsibilities are, how training is provided, what advancement opportunities are available, what other individuals or departments you will work with most, or how your job performance is measured. 


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