Brown Hall Living and Learning Community



The mission of the Brown Hall Living and Learning Community at Valdosta State University is to provide for the stimulation and growth of motivated Panhellenic women so that they achieve their full leadership potential, while at the same time providing guidance and support for such women’s’ individual success and endeavors. The Brown Hall Living and Learning Community encourages meaningful connections between classroom knowledge, leadership development, civic engagement and community involvement. Brown Hall Living and Learning Community aims to attract reliable, sisterly, responsible, and dedicated women to not only Greek Life, but also Valdosta State, and to assist in retaining those women through all four years of their undergraduate experience. The women of Brown Hall Living and Learning Community will provide a distinguishable and progressive impact on the entire Panhellenic community, thereby enriching student body of the Valdosta State University community as a whole.

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Why Brown?

  • Fall 2014 residents will be the inaugural class of Panhellenic woman to live in Brown Hall.

  • Residents will have the opportunity to live in a single gender hall surrounded by their Panhellenic sisters and the ability to request a room change to live with a sister from their chapter.

  • The Brown Hall Living and Learning Community will have programming and events created by the Panhellenic Residence Assistants (RAs) and Panhellenic mentors. We are excited to host events for sorority women by sorority women!

  • Women will learn the importance of civic engagement, philanthropic contribution, scholastic success, and leadership development through speakers, activities and programs.

  • Brown Hall residents will gain a greater understanding of the importance of the Panhellenic community and ways to take on leadership roles to further its development and their own growth.

  • Unlike other residence halls at VSU, the common hallways, bathrooms, and some lobby areas will be painted and decorated by the College Panhellenic Council.

  • Brown Hall is more affordable than other residence halls on campus.

  • Brown Hall is walking distance from all campus dining facilities, and the Student Union (Starbucks, Chick-fil-a and Nathan’s).

  • There is a VSU bus stop just outside of Brown Hall’s front door.

Brown Hall

How to sign up for Brown Hall Living Learning Community:

  • Login to your student Banner account
  • Click on the “Student Services and Financial Aid” Tab
  • Click on “Housing Application”
  • Click on “Fall Application”
  • Make Brown Hall your #1 or #2 choice
  • Click “Save”