Student Media Heads


Position Description: Odradek Editor

The student managing editor position for ODRADEK, Valdosta State University’s student-supported arts annual literary magazine, requires a knowledge of proofreading and editing skills and experience writing and/or evaluating prose and poetry. The Managing Editor will be responsible for selecting editorial and production staff, supervising editorial selection of work to be presented in the annual, and working with the faculty advisor to layout and produce the magazine and host an annual reading. In addition to responding to VSU students who have submitted their work, the editor(s) is responsible for the following tasks:

*Keeping regular office hours in the Odradek office *Advertise meetings and market regularly
*Stock shelves for distribution of the

The successful candidate for Managing Editor should have a fundamental understanding of the rich variety of media for literary and artistic expression. The editor should also possess the capacity to line-edit text and work with visual and other media to present the best possible publication reflecting the full range of Valdosta State student, faculty, and alumni literary and artistic expression.

Position Description: The Spectator Editor

The Spectator editor should have:

1. demonstrable managerial, organizational and communication skills

2. basic, demonstrable knowledge of

  1. news writing

  2. editorial writing

  3. layout/design

  4. copy editing

  5. libel/privacy/first amendment law

  6. responsibilities of a free press

  7. professional ethics

  8. ability to recognize and rank news events as they affect readership

  9. news production for digital media

3. demonstrable computer skills, including
a. desktop publishing, preferably InDesign b. PDFing for printed publications

In addition, the editor must be willing and able to devote at least 20 hours each week to overseeing the production of the newspaper while balancing the demands of being a full- time student.

Newspaper experience is all but essential because the editor will be expected to lead an organization responsible for maintaining an unfettered channel of communication that routinely operates on a budget exceeding $80,000.

Position Description: WVVS 90.9 Blaze FM Station Manager

The top executive position at WVVS is the Station Manager. The Station Manager is the student responsible for day-to-day oversight of the student staff operations. The Station Manager is further responsible to the faculty advisor (who serves as a defacto General Manager) for the execution of procedures, which will ensure the continuation of legal operation (as directed by the Federal Communications Commission’s Rules and Regulations) of the station with the result that the station’s federal broadcast license will be properly maintained.

The Station Manager is the direct liaison to/from the faculty advisor for the student management and air staff. S/he has primary responsibility for compliance with station policies as set forth in the organizational constitution and by-laws and codified in the station handbook.

The Station Manager is the station’s direct liaison to the campus community.
The Station Manager is expected to work closely with the faculty advisor in managing the station’s annual budget during the fiscal year. The Station Manager represents the station on the Campus Communications Board, in meetings with University administrators, and other official committee/public functions as needed and directed.

Position Description: On Tap Magazine Chief Editor

The chief editor oversees the whole content and makes sure the flow of the magazine is seamless. As a top editor, this person is responsible for making all the final decisions and is constantly getting reports from the managing editor, creative director and the executive editor.

List of activities: oversees production; liaisons with writers, artists, designers; keeps progress notes; organizes electronic files; takes responsibility for meeting all deadlines; and takes responsibility for the completed pdf file of the issue getting to the publisher and to web developer.