Class Descriptions

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This group cycling class is designed for all fitness levels. It involves various cycling drills that offer an exhilarating cardiovascular workout.

Cycle and Sculpt

This class was designed to give you the best of both worlds: cycling and Total Body Sculpting. The quick transitions and sculpting exercises will target each muscle group effectively and in a short amount of time.

Kettlebell Kraze

While engaging the entire body at once, you’ll learn the basic movements of Kettlebell exercises. These exercises build strength, cardiovascular endurance, and increase grip strength.


This class combines Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles.


This class is incorporates cardio training in which you alternate short, very high intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover. HIIT training helps performance while improving the ability of the muscles to burn fat.


Workout in this class that consist of low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.

Full Body Frenzy

Experience this challenging and active whole body muscle conditioning class. You’ll use dumbbells, exercise balls, body bars & other pieces of equipment as resistance tools.

Booty Work

This variation of the Full body class will work with body bars to target from the waist down while incorporating stations and/or around the room work.


Get lean and strong with short bursts of peak effort using the ultimate fat-burning Tabata formula of a work:rest ratio of 2:1.


This Ballet inspired workout uses the principles of classical dance to tone and sculpt your entire body.


This class is a revolutionary cardio-based total body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX Interval Training. Don’t forget your towel!


We’ll combine the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility benefits of yoga. This class will crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout.

Butts and Gutts

This variation on the Full Body class focuses specifically on the lower body and core muscle groups.

Hip Hop

Get fit with the latest dance moves in a hi-energy class. You will learn fun dance combinations while getting a great workout.


This class will go through a series of poses that combine flexibility, power, strength, and balance. This class provides an excellent and complete flexibility and toning workout.

Circuit Training

While working the whole body, this class is designed as a high volume (repetitions), low resistance (weight) workout with short rest intervals and is geared primarily at improving muscle tone and definition, while improving cardiovascular fitness.

On The Ball

This class is done using a stability ball and various other types of equipment to improve balance, strength and muscle conditioning.


This abs class uses various stations and/or equipment to tone your stomach while making ab work fun again!

Core & Cardio

Energizing cardiovascular workout and strengthen your core.


Physical Training designed to build strength through a variety of group intervals.

Cardio and Abs

Energizing cardiovascular workout and strengthen your core.

Arms and Abs

Gain strength in your arms and core with various types of equipment.


A combination of cardio and strength training to tone your body

Cardio and Arms

Energizing cardiovascular workout and toning your arms.

Total Bodytone

Experience this challenging and active whole body muscle conditioning class. You’ll use dumbbells, exercise balls, body bars & other pieces of equipment as resistance tools.

Lower Body Blast

A fat blasting class to tone legs, glutes, and abs!