YogaFit certification: April 13 & 14
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YogaFit - Level 1

This informative workshop gives instructors the tools to create inspiring vinyasa yoga classes that are founded on flow yet grounded in the safety of exercise science. The learning includes physical execution, transitions, and modifications to traditional yoga poses with an emphasis on effectiveness and safety. Dynamic vinyasa sequencing, flowing class formats, and transformative language for communicating the mind/body connection have made this the most popular vinyasa yoga style in the world today. While most attendees have experience as either yoga students, teachers, therapists, or as fitness professionals, there are no prerequisites, only the desire to learn and commitment to attend. Level 1 includes an innovative and experiential learning environment guided by a talented and experienced YogaFit Master Trainer, a YogaFit Level 1 DVD and Active Volume 3 CD (first-time participants only), and a comprehensive training manual.
Date November 9 & 10 2013
How to register: email personaltraining @valdosta.edu for instructions on how to register


$399 ($311 for students)


YogaFit - Level 2

After building a firm foundation in Level 1 teacher training, YogaFit's Level 2 training concentrates on communicating the essence of YogaFit to ourselves and our classes. Trainees spend time developing their transformational language skills through the use of positive affirmations and discovering how to address all types of learners most effectively, as they build a practice of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Trainees will discover the power of positive communication, both internally and externally, and use YogaFit teaching tools to empower their students.

Teachings include:

  • Breakdown of 20+ poses providing variations and modifications
  • Principles of verbal adjustments
  • Advanced breathing techniques
  • Health benefits of breathing and yoga
  • Communication techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
  • Learning Styles
  • Power-class formatting
  • Introduction to yoga philosophy, the Eight Limbs & Yamas/Niyamas


$399 ($311 for students)


If you have any questions please email: personaltraining@valdosta.edu