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Our goal is to lead at least one trip per month during the fall and spring semesters. Outdoor program trips are run through Campus Recreation and are fun, safe opportunities for students, faculty and staff with any level of experience to explore Georgia and the southeast, meet other students, and gain outdoor skills.

Our trips are led by well-trained staff who have experience leading trips and advanced wilderness medical training. Trips may be one day, a weekend, or longer during school breaks to anywhere within driving distance of Valdosta. We'll do just about any non-motorized, environmentally friendly outdoor activity,
so let us know if there's something you want to do!

Participants must register for trips at CORE Outdoors Office during daily afternoon working hours. Trips are open on a first-come, first-served basis and are usually limited to a certain number of participants. The minimum number will vary depending upon the trip; however, five or six are usually required for a trip to go. Sign up early to make sure your space is reserved!

Although our outdoor experiences are recreational, each one can become a learning experience for beginners as well as for experienced persons. While enjoying ourselves and learning about the outdoors, we should always strive to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. After all, we are the visitors. We adhere to Leave No Trace practices.

CORE Trips Fall 2017

Belay - Jan. 17th FREE
Free Tech Day - Jan. 25th FREE
Climbing Technique - Jan. 31st FREE
Free Tower Day - Feb. 25th FREE
Climbing Technique - Feb. 21st FREE
Belay - Mar. 7th FREE
Free Tech Day - Mar. 22nd FREE
Augmented Reality Climbing - Mar. 28th FREE
Belay - Apr. 11th FREE
Free Tower Day - Apr. 19th FREE
Shooting Sports - Jan. 21st Students $70 / Staff $90
The edge rock gym - Jan. 27th Students $20 / Staff $30
Skydiving - Feb. 11th Students $255/ Staff $330
Backpacking - Feb. 17th-18th Students $70/ Staff $80
Horseback riding - Mar. 3rd Students $30/ Staff $40
Grand Canyon - Mar. 9th-18th Students $355/ Staff $415
Rock climbing - Mar. 23rd - 25th Students $85 / Staff $111
Paintball - Apr. 7th Students $55 / Staff $65
Hike and Yoga - Apr. 14th Students $15 / Staff $20
White Water Rafting - Apr. 21st Students $60 / Staff $80
Paddle board Yoga - Jan. 18th FREE
Night Hiking - Feb. 7th Students $5 / Staff $5
Canoe Banks Lake - Feb. 24th FREE
Paddle Alapahooche - Apr. 10th Students $10 / Staff $15
Paddle Board Yoga - Apr. 28th Students $30 / Staff $40

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