Officer Information

Club Sport Activation / Administrative Forms

Club Sport Application Needed: Beginning of Fall Semester
Club Roster Needed: Roster due each fall and continually updated
Coach/Instructor Agreement Needed: Coaches / Instructors must complete each year
Advisory Agreement Needed: Advisor must complete each year
Community Service Needed: Documentation of community service activities
End of the Semester Report Needed: Due at the end of the year meeting / evaluation

Risk Management Forms

Informed Consent

Needed: Each time a new person participates in a club activity
Physical Needed: Each member provides an updated physical form each year
Visitor Consent Needed: Each time a visiting team competes at VSU
Safety Officer Acceptance Needed: Each fall with copy of certification cards
Accident Report Needed: All injuries (home, away, and visitors)

Monthly Forms

Monthly Reports Needed: Due the first Wednesday of each month

Facility / Event Request Forms

Facility Request Needed: For requesting space for special events,tournaments, etc.
Practice Request Needed: For requesting practice space for each semester
Hosting an Event Checklist Needed: As needed
Directions to Campus Recreation Facilities Needed: As needed
Post- Event Results Needed: 2 days after Event(home,scrimmage,game, tournament, etc)

Financial Forms

General Purchases Needed: For purchasing equipment or goods from a vendor
Unique Purchases Needed: For paying league membership,renting facilities, or contractual services
Generic Receipt Needed: Take to a competition for completion to serve as entry fee receipt
Banking and Tax Information Needed: To create a club bank account or file taxes when necessary

Travel Forms (Before a Trip) 

Pre - Travel Two weeks prior to departure
Travel Roster Final Roster due 24 hours (or business day before departure)
Private Vehicle Consent Needed: If needed, 4 days prior to departure - Monday at 4:30 for weekend trips

Travel Forms( After a Trip)

Post - Travel Expense Report Needed: 2 days after return from trip with receipts - form needed for each person receiving reimbursement
Post - Travel Results Needed: 2 days after return from trip

Fundraising Forms

Fundraising Documentation Needed: Documentation of fundraising activities
Sample Donation Solicitation Letter Needed: As needed
Sponsor Letter Example Needed: As needed
Sample Thank You Letter Needed: For reference after receiving a donation or sponsorship
Fundraising Matching Documentation Needed: 2 days after a fundraising activity