Student Resources

  Academic Calendar

The academic calendar provides faculty, staff, and students with important dates and planned information that is beneficial for student success.

 Access Office

The mission of the Access Office is to create an accessible, inclusive, sustainable learning environment, where disability is recognized as an aspect of diversity that is integral to the campus community and to society. The Access Office provides equal access to campus programs and activities for all students while upholding the academic standards of Valdosta State University.


The admission policy is designed to admit those students whose academic backgrounds indicate a reasonable potential for success in the educational program of the University.

Alcohol and Other Drug Education

The mission of the Office and Alcohol and Other Drug Education is to address the issue of substance abuse among the VSU community and its potential impact on academic, professional, and social development. They also provide accurate, up-to-date information in the areas of prevention, education, and referral, allowing student involvement in the process through peer education and substance-free social programming.

 Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities offers a variety of programs to assist VSU students in choosing their majors, identifying career objectives, obtaining practical work experience, and seeking relevant employment upon graduation. Individual career counseling is available for students who wish to explore how their abilities, values, and interests match particular career fields.

 Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a broad range of mental health services to the university community aimed at maximizing the personal growth and development of its members. These services are primarily offered to students and include a wide variety of preventive, remedial, educational, and crisis management activities. 

 Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office is dedicated to student development both inside and outside the classroom. Their goal is to provide quality programs, facilities and services that will enhance the educational and personal experiences of VSU students.

 Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to helping students and parents obtain the financial aid necessary to pay for a college education.

 Housing and Residence Life

The Mission of the Office of Housing & Residence Life is to provide affordable quality housing in a safe and secure environment. The caring staff is committed to serving students by creating a holistic living and learning community which fosters education, diversity, civic engagement, recreation, and personal growth through programming and leadership opportunities.

Major Checksheets

The purpose of this webpage is to provide information regarding the classes needed for each Major at Valdosta State University.

 Office of Social Equity

The Office of Social Equity’s mission is “Achieving Excellence through Diversity.” They are committed to providing activities which foster a respectful educational environment, and encourages the development of policies which improve the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body and faculty.


The Office of the Registrar works diligently to provide an unprecedented commitment to maintaining accurate academic records for all students; prompt, professional, and courteous service to the University community.

 Student Health Services

The mission of Student Health is to provide optimum health care in a convenient location for undergraduate and graduate students in a compassionate, confidential manner. They also provide routine and acute health care for all students who have satisfied the health fee requirement. 

 Student Success Center

The Student Success Center acts as a compass to help students navigate their college careers and get a bearing on success through tutoring, advising, and on-campus job opportunities.

 The Office of Testing

The Office of Testing is responsible for standardized tests given to entering students for the purposes of admission and placement, to undergraduate students for proficiency, to graduate students for admission to specialized programs, and to professionals for certification purposes.

 Transfer Course Equivalency

Not sure which of your classes will transfer to VSU? Follow this link to see how each of your classes transfer to Valdosta State University. 

67 Percent Calculator for SAP Compliance

Click the link to view the 67% calculator for SAP compliance through the financial aid office.