Math Placement at VSU


  Upon admission to Valdosta State University, most students will be assigned a VSU Math Index (VMI). The VMI is based on students' admission data (SAT/ACT scores, etc.) and it places students in mathematics courses based on these recorded math performances. For how the VMI index is assigned, please visit the Mathematics and Computer Science webpage , then click on Math Placement. The VMI places students in math courses at these levels:


Level 1

MATH 1101, MATH 1111


Level 2

MATH 1101, MATH 1111, MATH 1112,


Level 3

MATH 1101, MATH 1111, MATH 1112, MATH 1261, MATH 1113, MATH 1113


Level 4

MATH 1101, MATH 1111, MATH 1112, MATH 1261, MATH 1113,

MATH 1113H, MATH 2261 

Most fields of study at VSU require math entry at Level 1, which is the default level for all admitted traditional students. For some fields of study,especially the science, math, computer science and pre-engineering programs, entry above Level 1 might be advantageous. 


ALEKS Math Placement Exam      

As stated, based on admission data, most admitted students will be assigned a VSU Math Index (VMI), which will determine their mathematics course placement according to the table below. However, should a student want to start beyond Level 1 or beyond the level assigned by their VMI, he or she must complete a placement exam and meet the necessary score according to the table below.
Students that have received college credit may proceed to higher levels of math by meeting the necessary prerequisite criteria.



VMI   Level

Placement Exam Score

Math 1101


1e or 1

0 – 55

Math 1111 Extended*



0 – 45   

Math 1111



46 – 55   

Math 1112

Math 1111 with C or Better


56 – 65

Math 1261

Math 1111 or Math 1101 with C or Better


56 – 65

Math 1113

Math 1112 with C or Better


66 – 75

Math 1113H**

Math 1112 with C or Better


66 – 75

Math 2261

Math 1112 or Math 1113 with C or Better


76 – 100

*Math 1111 Extended meets five days a week

**Math 1113H requires admission to the Honors College




ALEKS Math Placement Exam Info

Students who have met the prerequisite math requirement, students who are satisfied with their VMI placement levels, students who have completed their core math requirements, and students who only need to take MATH 1101/1111 to meet their core math requirement do not need to take the Math Placement Exam. For how the VMI index is assigned, please visit the Mathematics and Computer Science webpage , then click on Math Placement.


Those students who need to take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam are:    

  • Students without enough admission data to produce a VSU Math Index (such as international students and nontraditional students) who want to take a math course other than MATH1101 or MATH1111.
  • Students who are dissatisfied with their placement level as determined by the VMI
  • Transfer students who do not meet the prerequisites for the desired entry-level math course


How to take the Exam                

The ALEKS math placement exam is an online exam. First go to (It can be found at to login to Banner. Click on the "New Student Portal" tab. Then click the "Take the Placement Exam" button. The cost to take the  placement exam is $25. You will immediately receive your placement exam score online after taking the exam. Once you receive your score, you may refer to the table above to determine your placement level. After taking the exam, your score will be reported to the VSU Banner registration system within 24 hours, which will make you eligible to register for any of the courses in your placement level or below.


When to take the Placement Exam:   

In order to be properly advised at on-campus registration, you must take the math placement exam one week prior to your scheduled orientation. In order to register for a math class other than Level 1, the math placement exam must be completed at least two business days prior to the first day of class.


Where to take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam:

 You may take the math placement exam at any location where you have internet access on a computer.


Other Math Placement Exam info:

The math placement exam may be taken up to three times. Each math placement exam attempt may also be used as a diagnostic exam to identify your particular strengths and weakness for college-level math. The ALEKS math placement software provides up to 6 weeks of individualized online tutorials. Do not use your own calculator when taking the placement exam. The software will provide you with an onscreen calculator as needed. Typically the exam takes 60-90 minutes to complete. The maximum time allowed to complete the placement exam is 24 hours. One must wait a minimum of 24 hours between placement exam attempts. During the time between attempts, it is highly recommended that you take full advantage of the online tutorial system. Once the exam starts, the student is expected to adhere to the instructions. The VSU Honor Code will be in place. When taking the exam online, the student should honor the instructions and not receive outside help. This will only result in misplacement into a course in which the student is not yet prepared to succeed. For more details about the ALEKS Math Placement Exam, please visit the Mathematics and Computer Science webpage , then click on Math Placement.