First-Year Programs

First Year Program

First Year Learning Communities (FLCs)

First Year Learning Communities (FLCs) provide students the opportunity to begin their college experience with other students who share similar interests and career goals. FLCs consist of small groups of 22-25 first-semester college students taking two to three linked courses as a group. Each learning community is designed to ease the transition from high school to college by allowing first-year students to acquire educational and social skills crucial to their long-term academic success, through an integrated learning environment.



Summer Ignite Program (SIP)

The Summer Ignite Program (Ignite) is a 7-week program designed for students who wish to attend Valdosta State University but did not meet the requirements for regular admission. Over a 7 week period, students will take 8 hours of classes, helping them meet the requirements necessary to become regular students at VSU for the sequential Fall term. The program will provide students the tools to excel in their classes, give them confidence in their academic ability and motivate them to get involved around campus, which will contribute to their personal success as well as to the institutional success of Valdosta State University.