Accelerated BSN FAQs

When does the program start?

The Accelerated BSN program typically starts during Maymester. Please click on the link below to view the Academic Calendar for the start date of Maymester.

How long does the program take? 

The program is 4 terms or 15 months (summer, fall, spring, and summer). 

Accelerated BSN Admissions Requirements

To review the admissions requirements for the Accelerated BSN program, please click on the link below 

What are the core requirements which must be completed

Core course requirements are listed here

Students requesting an official evaluation of transcripts may do one of the following:

  • VSU students (past or present) who have been assigned a VSU ID number may send a request along with their VSU ID number to Ms. Marci Marshall at
  • Non-VSU students  or students who have completed any course requirements at an institution other than VSU, may send a $40 money order payable to VSU College of Nursing and Health Sciences along with official transcripts or photocopies of official transcripts to the address below.  Students should specify “Accelerated BSN Program Transcript Evaluation” on the money order.  Contact information including name, address, and date of birth, telephone number, and email address should be included in the materials submitted.

Ms. Cecilia Furey

Sr. Administrative Secretary

Valdosta State University

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

1500 N Patterson St

Valdosta, GA 31698

  • Non-VSU students may also choose to apply for admission to VSU before a transcript evaluation is done.  Once the student receives VSU ID # they should send an email to Ms. Marci Marshall at to request transcript evaluation.  Students should include the VSU ID#, full name, and date of birth in their request.  Transcripts will be requested from the admissions department for evaluation.  No transcript evaluation can be done until the VSU admissions office has received all of the required transcripts from each institutions the student has attended.

What bachelor’s degrees are acceptable for admission to the program?

Any bachelor’s degree is acceptable for admission to the Accelerated Program for Second Degree Students as long as you also have met or will have met the core course requirements by the program start date. (1st week of May)

Can I apply if I am not finished with my core classes?

Yes, application deadline is December 15th each year for May of the following year.  As long as you submit evidence that you will have all of the coursework completed by the program start date you are eligible to apply. Note: Mandatory applicant advising is required before an application will be processed.

What else must I complete other than core courses?

Applicants must first pass a standardized admissions test prior to the application deadline of December 15. Valdosta State University administers the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). To register for the TEAS Exam, please contact the VSU Testing Office (229-245-3878) to schedule a day/time to take the TEAS exam.   You may take the TEAS at another institution and have results sent to us, however, they must be received no later than December 15th.  It is best to complete the TEAS in advance so that the scores may be evaluated prior to the application deadline.  Students may repeat the TEAS test once during any admission cycle.

How are applicants evaluated?

Admission criteria are evaluated each year to assure that they are consistent with professional standards and reflect the most current research affirming data predictive of success in nursing. Current, those applicants who have passed the admission test (TEAS) are ranked according to the certification GPA (the grade point average of the required pre-requisite core coursework only). A grade calculator is available on the College of Nursing and Health Sciences website, along with the core course worksheet.

Is advising mandatory?

Yes, advising is mandatory.  Applicant advising sessions are posted on the website.  If you intend to attend one of the advising sessions listed, please email Marci Marshall at; or call 333-5959. Phone or electronic advising is available for those applicants residing out of state or more than 200 miles from Valdosta. NO APPLICATION WILL BE REVIEWED WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION OF ADVISING.

How do I apply?

Students must first apply for admission to Valdosta State University. If you have previously attended VSU you will apply for readmission. Information on admission to the university can be found at   Information on how to apply for the accelerated BSN program can be found on the College of Nursing and Health Sciences website under the Prospective Students section.

What if I have questions that are not answered here?

Please contact the College of Nursing and Health Sciences P.A.S.S. Center at or 229-253-2866.