Priority Registration

Priority Registration Privileges will be granted to students in the University Honors Program/Honors College if you meet both of the following criteria:

  • You are in good standing in the Honors Program/Honors College. ("Good standing" is defined as having at least a 3.00 cumulative G.P.A. and that you are currently enrolled in a minimum of 2 or more Honors course hours)

  • You are making steady progress through the Honors Program/Honors College.

    ("Steady progress" is defined as enrolling in a minimum of two or more Honors course hours in the upcoming semester)

Please Verify the following information:

  • You are an Honors Program/Honors College student in good standing with the Honors Program/Honors College as defined in the Priority Registration Policy.

  • Given this, you would like to have the privilege of being able to register for the upcoming semester classes as soon as pre-registration begins (this means being able to register for courses when graduate students and seniors register).

  • In order to receive this privilege, you will fulfill the second criterion of the policy, and agree to sign up for at least 2 credit hours in Honors courses.

  • You realize that you may sign up for more hours in Honors courses as well.

  • By indicating the Honors course(s) you intend to take on this sheet in the next semester, you are fulfilling all requirements to be eligible for priority registration.

  • Should, for some reason, you drop the Honors course from my schedule after you have registered, you may lose the opportunity to priority register for the following semester.

  • You will discuss any advising issues you have with your advisor.

  • And lastly, you will verify these courses have been received before the stated deadline by sending the form to:

    University Honors College 

    Valdosta State University 

    1500 N. Patterson Street 

    Valdosta, GA 31698 Priority Registration Contract Form (pdf format)