GACE Requirements

(GACE - Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators)

GACE Basic Skills Assessment
If you are required to take the basic skills assessment and have not done so, you will need to take the GACE Basic Skills Assessment. If you have passed one or more parts of Praxis I but did not achieve a passing composite score by September 1, 2006, you had until March 5, 2007, to pass the remaining part(s) or make a passing composite score.

There are two circumstances for basic skills test takers:

1. The test taker passed no parts of Praxis I by September 1, 2006.
In this case, the test taker will need to pass all three parts of the GACE Basic Skills Assessment (reading, writing, and mathematics--Test Codes 200, 201, and 202).

2. The test taker passed one or two parts of Praxis I by September 1, 2006.
In this case, the test taker may submit a passing score for the remaining one or two parts of the Praxis I before March 5, 2007,
or the test taker may submit passing scores for all three parts of the GACE Basic Skills Assessment.

The PSC will not accept a "mix" of passing subtests from Praxis I and passing subtests of the GACE Basic Skills Assessment. Example: If a candidate has passed Praxis I Reading and Writing, the PSC will not accept a passing Mathematics portion of the GACE Basic Skills Assessment to join with the two Praxis I parts.

GACE Content Assessment

The rule about Praxis II is that if you passed it prior to September 1, 2006, your scores are “good.” Or, if you passed one part of a two-part Praxis II test prior to September 1, 2006, you had until March 5, 2007, in an attempt to take and pass the second part. If both parts were not passed by March 5, 2007, you must switch to the appropriate GACE Content Assessment.

Certification field content assessments passed in either the Praxis II or the former TCT testing program are still “good” – educators will not need to take them again.

In the GACE program, there is no broad field secondary social studies assessment. Instead, separate tests will be available for History, Economics, Geography, and Political Science. However, the GACE program will include a middle grades social studies assessment to support Middle Grades Social Studies (4-8) certification.

The passing score for ALL GACE (both Basic Skills Assessment and Content Assessment) tests is 220. Currently, a minimum passing score of 220 is required on EACH of the three parts (reading, writing, and mathematics) of the GACE Basic Skills Assessment. A composite score on the GACE Basic Skills Assessment is not being allowed.

A GACE Content Assessment for the field of Speech and Language Pathology (Communication Disorders) has not yet been developed. For the time being, Praxis II will be the accepted content assessment for this field.

GACE Assessments and Test Codes

Test Codes
GACE Basic Skills Assessment
Basic Skills - Reading
Basic Skills - Mathematics
Basic Skills - Writing
Test I - 200
Test II - 201
Test III - 202
GACE Content Assessments
Test I - 109
Test II - 110
Test I - 026
Test II - 027
Business Education
Test I - 042
Test II - 043
Test I - 028
Test II - 029
Early Childhood
Test I - 001
Test II - 002
Educational Leadership
Test I - 173
Test II - 174
Test I - 020
Test II - 021
Test I - 119
Test II - 120
Test I - 143
Test II - 144
Health and Physical Education
Test I - 115
Test II - 116
Test I - 034
Test II - 035
Interrelated SPE/ECE

Test I - 003
Test II - 004

Test I - 022
Test II - 023
Media Specialist
Test I - 101
Test II - 102
Middle Grades - Language Arts
Middle Grades - Mathematics
Middle Grades - Reading
Middle Grades - Science
Middle Grades - Social Science
Test - 011
Test - 013
Test - 012
Test - 014
Test - 015
Test I - 111
Test II - 112
Test I - 030
Test II - 031
Political Science
Test I - 032
Test II - 033
Test I - 117
Test II - 118
School Counseling
Test I - 103
Test II - 104
School Psychology
Test I - 105
Test II - 106
Test I - 141
Test II - 142
Special Education Academic Content Concentrations
Test I - 087
Test II - 088
Special Education Adapted Curriculum
Test I - 083
Test II - 084
Deaf Education
Test I - 085
Test II - 086
Special Education General Curriculum


 Morning session - 7:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Afternoon session - 1:00 p.m.-5:45 p.m.

--In one testing session, an examinee may take: all three Basic Skills tests, OR both content tests for a single assessment, OR two middle grades tests. An examinee may select tests for a single test session or for both the morning and afternoon test sessions.

--Examinees taking the following assessments will be provided with a calculator: Chemistry (Tests I and II); Middle Grades Mathematics; Middle Grades Science; Physics (Tests I and II); Special Education Academic Content Concentrations (Test II only).

--Examinees taking the Mathematics (secondary) assessment must bring their own graphing calculator but may not bring a calculator manual. Models allowed are listed on the NES website (

--Communication Disorders majors will take GACE Basic Skills AssessmentI (unless exempt), but will continue to take Praxis II as their content assessment.

--Educational Leadership. PSC will accept the Praxis II in EDL (test 0410) until September 30, 2009, IF AND ONLY IF the test was taken on or before March 15, 2008. After September 30, 2009, PSC will only accept the GACE Content Assessment in EDL (test codes 173 and 174). If a student took the Praxis II prior to March 15, 2008, but waited until after September 30, 2009, to apply for certification, PSC will NOT accept the Praxis II--the student would have to go back and take the GACE assessment.