Clinical Practice Application and Placement Information

1. The clinical practice application is available on the College of Education and Human Services website on the first day of fall and spring semesters. The completed application must be returned to the Office of Clinical Experiences and Certification (OCEC) by the deadline listed on the application. Failure to return the application by the deadline may result in a terms delay in your student teaching.

2. To participate in clinical practice, you must have met all teacher education admission requirements, completed all required coursework leading up to clinical practice, and maintained a minimum overall GPA required by your major.

3. Each department works in collaboration with the CEC office to determine the placements for all teacher candidates. The Dewar College of Education and Human Services has cooperating partner school agreements with a number of schools in the following systems: Lowndes County Schools, Valdosta City Schools, Brooks County Schools, Cook County Schools, Tift County Schools and Echols County Schools. To the extent possible, attempts are made to place as many teacher candidates as possible in these schools.

COEHS Regulations Regarding Clinical Practice

Once placements are made, they will not be changed without permission of the Director of CEC.
Teacher candidates will be placed in a site appropriate for their certification area. However, teacher candidates are not assured of any particular school, any particular teacher in a school, or any particular grade level--nor may teacher candidates request a particular school, teacher, or grade level.

  • Students are not to contact individual schools, school systems, teachers, and/or administrators about their clinical practice placement. Violation of this will result in the contacted site being removed as a placement possibility.  All placement contacts must be made by the Office of CEC.
  • If you refuse a placement once it is made, you will not be placed at another site and your clinical practice experience will be delayed a semester.
  • Once placements are made, you will receive an email from the CEC office confirming your placement. Placement emails are sent to all teacher candidates as quickly as confirmations are received from the school systems; this process takes several weeks—so please be patient. Confirmation emails are not all sent at the same time. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Pippin at (229)333-7834.
  • You may not student teach in: (1) A school from which you graduated within the last seven years, (2) A school where you have family members employed or enrolled, (3) A school in which you have worked as a paraprofessional, or (4) A system in which you have family members employed in the system office in an administrative capacity or on the board of education.
  • You are not permitted to take undergraduate coursework (besides seminar) during the clinical practice experience.
  • Generally, student teachers will be placed within a 60-mile radius of VSU.
  • Student teaching is not allowed in the summer.
  • The Dewar College of Education and Human Services reserves the right to refuse to place a teacher candidate in any particular school or within any particular school system. Every effort is made to place all teacher candidates in their preferred systems; however, the Office of Clinical Experiences and Certification reserves the right to make all final decisions about clinical practice placements.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances which affect your clinical practice placement, please discuss these special needs or concerns with your department head and the Director of CEC. If these circumstances may impact your clinical practice placement, a letter explaining them must be attached to your clinical practice application.

4. A teacher candidate will be placed outside the VSU service area only under extreme extenuating circumstances. If a special placement site is needed outside the VSU service area, the teacher candidate must complete a "Courtesy Placement Request" form (available on the CEC web-page) explaining this special need and requesting approval. Examples of valid reasons to request a courtesy placement include: when a spouse is unexpectedly transferred outside the VSU service area, illness in family, etc. Examples of invalid reasons to request a courtesy placement include: to save money, be near or in my hometown, marriage plans, possible job opportunities, etc. The "Courtesy Placement Request" form must be submitted for approval to the department head of the teacher candidate’s major department and forwarded to the Director of CEC.  Special placements outside the VSU service area will require additional costs to the teacher candidate. Courtesy placements will be made only if appropriate in-field supervision can be obtained for the teacher candidate. Additionally, teacher candidates requesting a courtesy clinical practice placement must have demonstrated excellence in both their academic classes and field experiences. Generally, teacher candidates with overall GPAs of less than 3.0 will not be considered for a courtesy placement.

5. All teacher candidates are required to have professional liability insurance. Please contact Jessica Pippin at (229) 333-7834 if you need this insurance. Please make sure that your coverage is up-to-date.

6. Students with special needs must document them with the Special Services Program and inform their college supervisor and mentor teacher of those needs.

All questions and concerns may be directed to the Office of Clinical Experiences and Certification, COE Dewar of Education and Human Services, Suite 2030, (229) 253-2998.


Mrs. Renee Whitmer, Director of the Clinical Experiences and Certification, (229) 229-249-2786,

Mrs. Jessica Pippin, Educational Support Specialist - Clinical Experiences Coordinator, (229) 333-7834,

Mrs. Katie Rowland, Educational Support Specialist - Field Experience Coordinator, (229) 249-2778,