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Greetings from the Office of Field Instruction!

Many students will tell you that practicum is one of the most rewarding components of their MSW training. Practicum gives students the opportunity to take what they are learning from the classroom (social work skills, values, knowledge, theory) and begin applying it to practice! The great part about practicum is that you are assigned to a highly trained MSW professional who will give you lots and lots of vital supervision. This is such a pivotal part of a student’s experience and one that the Office of Field Instruction works to strengthen. Most students have many questions about practicum. The Office of Field Instruction is always available to answer any questions that you may have. Below are links to more detailed information about field practicum. It is my hope that this will give you a clear picture of what to expect! If there is anything that is unclear or you have specific questions regarding your situation do not hesitate to call the Office of Field Instruction. I wish you much success as you move forward to choose the program that best fits your needs.

Office of Field Instruction

Resources for Field Practicum

Frequently Asked Questions Concentration Field Practicum Application
Field Handbook 2015-2016 Revised July 2015 Field Instructor Workshops
Potential Practicum Sites (2015-2016) Social Work Career Day 2016
Worksite Placements Migrant Farm Worker Clinic
Concentration Learning Plans 7611 and 7612 PoCo Reference Handbook
6600/6610 Learning Plan Concentration Syllabi 7611/7612
6700/6710 Learning Plan Final Grade Form
Midterm Grade Form Journals
Student Logs Triadic Process Recordings (TPR)
Foundation Practicum Application Concentration Calendar 2015-2016
Foundation Academic Calendar 2015-2016  
Foundation Syllabus 6600/6610 and 6700/6710