The program will be held in the Pine Hall 214 (Division of Social Work). Students should be checked in by 9:45am and expect to stay until 5:00 pm. Orientation will provide new MSW students with 1) orientation to professional social work, 2) preparation for success in the MSW program, 3) technical and administrative guidance, 4) lunch and networking, 5) opportunity to meet MSW faculty, 6) advising for fall registration, and 6) information regarding field practicums.

This program is mandatory for new students and it is essential that you attend. If you have an absolutely unavoidable conflict, please call the Division of Social Work at 229-219-1392 ASAP.

You will need a permit to park on-campus. The parking deck on Oak Street would be the most convenient place to park.

Orientation Links

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We are all looking forward to meeting you in person!