Study Abroad Program


London, one of the most culturally diverse and most fascinating cities in the world, is a city steeped in history that has inspired artists, writers, and students for centuries. As a participant in this program you can spend a summer studying and living in the historic Bloomsbury district of London in close proximity to some of the world's finest museums and cultural sites.  In the London study abroad program, you will live in the part of this great city that has housed William Shakespeare, Charles dickens, Virginia Woolfe, and other great writers.  You will be minutes away from the theatre district and Trafalgar Square, and within walking distance of the British Museum and its extraordinary collections.  You can explore London's vast and beautiful parks- Hyde Park, St. James, and Green Park- and walk along the Thames toward Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament.  London also offers quick access to all major cities in Europe.  

Program Dates, Structure and Course Structure

The group departs for London June 25th and returns to Atlanta July 29th 2015. Two classes are offered to graduate students that meet the requirements of the School Counseling Program. Students will take PSYC 8250 - Human Growth and Development and PSYC 6500 - Cultural Diversity (sub for SCHC 7470).

Cultural Diversity - PSYC 6500

This is a survey course focusing on the cultural context of relationships, issues, and trends while embedded in vivo in a multicultural and diverse society. Knowledge, understanding, and awareness of cultural diversity will be the major focus of the planned activities and pedagogy application and will be experienced first-hand. Skills for effectively interacting in a culturally diverse environment will be explored, expanded, and practiced. Class will meet Monday and Wednesday afternoons, with field trips on either Tuesday or Thursday.

Human Growth and Development - PSYC 8250

The course is designed to acquaint the student with life span developmental problems, milestones, achievements, and social influences from a psychological perspective. Topics will include, but not be limited to, theory, research methods, biosocial influences, cognition, language, motivation, personality, and socialization processes. This course will be taken as an independent study and will therefore have no scheduled meeting time while in London.

Program Costs

The package cost of $5,499 for the five-week program includes: Round-trip airfare from Atlanta to London, transportation from the airport to the UCL campus and return to the airport, lodging at UCL, an excursion by train to Hampton Court the first weekend of the program, a health insurance policy providing coverage for medical expenses, and a pass for unlimited travel on the London Underground and bus systems. Students will have a chance to participate in day excursions to other parts of England and in London walks, including a ‘Jack the Ripper’ walk.

The package cost does not include tuition, additional meals, passport and related expenses, spending money, travel to Atlanta, or other costs beyond those listed above. Typically there are additional expenses for theater classes.

Program Location and Accommodations

The London Study Program is based at the University College London, in central London. Four London underground stations are within a walk of 5-10 minutes, offering quick access to the entire city. The location is also a short walk from Oxford Street and its fashionable shops. Cafes, restaurants, pubs, and grocery stores surround the UCL campus.

Students have a private room at UCL, with a hall bath on each floor. A towel and bed linens are furnished. A security guard is always on duty when the building is open and the front desk is staffed twenty-four hours a day.

The program package includes most meals the weekend of arrival, and a pre-paid grocery card for breakfast items. Lunch is provided on class days. Each room contains a refrigerator, allowing students to store food for easy meals and snacks. Each floor of the dorm has a small communal kitchen.