Research Opportunities for Students

Jennifer Breneiser, Learning and Memory Lab, 3218 Psychology Building

Dr. Breneiser's learning and memory lab is mainly concerned with examining prospective memory (memory to perform an action, on one's own, in the future). Dr. Breneiser also has a research interest in metamemory ("do you know what you know?"), and the effects of different study methods on test performance. If you are interested volunteering in this lab, please contact Dr. Jen Breneiser at

Blaine Browne, Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, 3218 Psychology Building

We are currently examining brain laterality for affective words and memory, hemispheric encoding and retrieval asymmetry (HERA), and other lexical decision based experiments. Other research continuing to be performed is on technology, internet use and aging related questions. Since I only have very few openings in the lab each year I have to be quite selective. The preferred qualifications for students working in the lab are: Undergraduate GPA of over 3.0, at least a B in both 3500 and 3600 and you must have at least one full year left here at VSU. If you are interested in assisting in the lab, please contact Dr. Browne at for a lab application sheet. See for more information.

Steven Kohn, Developmental Science Laboratory

The Developmental Science Laboratory is currently researching: 
1. Projective aging (how young and older adults perceive what their life will be like in old age); 2. Reverse ageism and older adult perceptions of the younger generation; 3. The use of coping strategies across the life-span (e.g., social comparisons, human agency , social support, and perceived control); 4. Health-related use of the Internet by older adults and chronically ill younger adults; 5. Psychological Comfort across the lifespan; 6. Adult age-related differences in decision-making and satisficing vs. maximizing (optimizing) behavior; 7. Cross-national research. If you are interested in volunteering in the developmental lab please contact Steven Kohn at 229-333-5979 or

Chuck Talor, Developmental Science Lab, Room 3222 Psychology Building

The Developmental Science Lab is currently investigating the relationship of technology and human behavior across age, including distractions of communication technologies in the classroom, while walking and driving, and in social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+). We are also studying how people perceive others, including fandom attendees (such as Dragon*Con) and people who have tattoos. If you are interested in volunteering in the lab please contact Chuck Talor at 249-4914 or