PSYC 2500 Extra Credit Opportunities


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Research Participation

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The last day to earn research extra credit is Friday, November 18, 2013


Research Alternatives

Research Alternative – Videos for PSYC 2500:

The Research Alternative Videos for PSYC 2500 students will be offered twice weekly. The video will be shown Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm in the Psychology Building, Room 1104. The second showing will be on Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm in the Psychology Building, Room 1104.

Please arrive on time so that the video can begin promptly. Students may only attend 1 video research alternative per week, because the same video will be shown both days. Students must stay for the entire video to receive credit.  Students will answer 5 brief questions pertaining to the video to turn in at the end of the video.  Students who leave early will not receive credit. 

The research alternative gives students the opportunity to earn up to 2% on their final grade for PSYC 2500. Students will receive 1 credit for each research alternative attended and questionnaire turned in. 1 credit is worth 0.5%.  Students may attend a maximum of 4 research alternatives, for a total of 4 credits, which equals 2%.

Additionally, research alternatives may be “mixed and matched” with research participation, keeping in mind that students can only earn a maximum of 2% in extra credit (4 hours of participation/alternative activities).


The last day for research alternative (videos) participation is: April 22nd (3:30pm)

The last day for research participation is: April 28th (5pm)