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About the VSU Consciousness Lab

The Valdosta State University Consciousness Research Lab, housed in the Department of Psychology and Counseling, was created in Spring 2012 and currently has an undergraduate program that has actively engaged Lab Studentsseventeen undergraduate students (Biology and Psychology majors) and  seven psychology graduate students  (Clinical and Industrial Organizational programs) who were both volunteers and paid assistants in the last year. The faculty-student mentorship process is further enhanced with a peer-mentorship process; synergistically providing undergraduate students with ample opportunities both for acquisition of vital research skills and for skills necessary to graduate, successfully get into graduate school, and to attain professions within their chosen field. Graduate students also benefit by learning the process of effective mentorship, gaining critical publications and presentations, and research and job specific skill sets.

How Can I Get Involved?

Becoming a member of the Consciousness Lab research team or being a participant is a virtually seamless process. We have various research studies that are currently taking place and additional assistance is always appreciated. Your participation is not overlooked in the lab, regardless of your position. We offer flexible hours, the ability to work with the general population, or to focus on independent work. If you are interested in engaging in cutting edge psychological research, please contact Dr. Jules Troyer via email at or

Undergraduate or Graduate Research Assistant

How would you feel about having the opportunity to work student and facultywith both graduate assistants and Dr. Troyer in researching important psychological questions, helping to create new assessment methods, analyze data, conduct experiments using exciting neurological and behavioral measurements such as EEG equipment, and present or publish findings in peer-reviewed journals or at psychological conferences? Those who take the appropriate trainings will also be able to work directly with various participants in the lab. We also have some exciting international collaborative research studies in process and students have opportunities to work with professors and students from other countries and cultures. Students who have graduated from the VSU Consciousness Lab report their experience assisted them in many ways; such as getting into graduate school, providing them with skills, and gaining professional employment!