Gifted Education: Legacy and Big Ideas

Legacy words


Terman - Terman's Termites

Hollingworth - Sponsor of the Gifted

Torrance - Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, and Future Problem Solving

Stanley - Center for Talented Youth, and Reflections

Roeper The Roeper School, and The Roeper Review

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented - (NRC/GT)

Big Ideas for Gifted Education

Betts - Autonomous Learner Model for the Gifted and Talented

Cramond - Cheers to the "Different" Ones (TEDxAtlanta)

Csikszentmihalyi - Flow (TED)

Differentiated Instruction Tech-Fueled Differentiated Instruction Engages Elementary School Students (Edutopia)

Dabrowski - Over-excitabilities

Gardner - Multiple Intelligences (Edutopia)

Renzulli Renzulli Learning

Robinson -

Sternberg Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence

Tolan - Is It a Cheetah?

Treffinger - Center for Creative Learning

VanTassel-Baska - Curriculum for High-Ability Learners