VSU has established an enterprise account with the eSurveysPro service. The service is web-based; there is nothing to download or install. Each account holder has independent access to his/her surveys and data. Click here for enterprise account features. The service is available to faculty and students. However, student accounts are created only at the request of a student's professor.

Log-in Credentials: Initial passwords will be your PID, the first part of your email address.

Students who have an assignment to use eSurveysPro will get an account by request of the course professor. Do not send a request independently. Students who wish to create an account for a research endeavor apart from a particular course should have their advisor or major professor send a request for an account.

IRB: Anyone using eSurveysPro MUST comply with all requirements of the VSU Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Research Participants and complete modules 1-6 of a training program. If you have any questions, please contact the IRB Administrator at 229-333-7837 or send an email to

After your account is created, log in here with your VSU email address and your initial password would be your PID, (the first part of your email address). Then, you can click the "Manage Account" link in the menu to change your password. You can also simply create a survey at eSurveysPro, either from scratch or by using one of their templates, and begin playing with the program. The system is quite intuitive. If you need guidance, eSurveysPro has good tutorials and support.

Important Tips for Using eSurveysPro:

  • IMPORTANT: All of the links here to eSurveysPro use the '.net' URL, which should general a similar URL for your surveys. Their '.com' domain seem to be blocked by service providers, so you should ensure your survey URL is the '.net' version.
  • Test your survey first before publishing it, with multiple respondents and locations. This data can be cleared.
  • Upon creation, the survey is closed. You can see this in the blue button of the status column in the "Manage Surveys" window. When you are ready to launch the survey, you must click the blue button to open the survey. Any time you change the survey or its settings, the survey closes. After you have made your changes, you must then go back and open it in order for it to be accessible to users.
  • If respondents will be responding in a lab, using the same computers where others will be responding, do not choose the "single response" option in the survey settings.