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Gifted Education

PBS NewsHour (May 25, 2004) Please select 'Streaming Video' to watch the show. John Merrow continues his series on the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act with a look at the law's effects on school programs for gifted students.

Genius School

ABC News - Nightline (June 5, 2007)

More Than 50 Years Of Putting Kids' Creativity To The Test

NPR - (April 17, 2013) In the late 1950s, a man named E. Paul Torrance was similarly interested in children's creativity. Torrance was a Georgia farm boy-turned-psychologist, and one of his first jobs was working with boys at a military academy. It was there that he began to see creativity as something that was misunderstood. Bonnie Cramond, director of the Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development at the University of Georgia, says a lot of the boys Torrance worked with were thought to be troublemakers. 

How The U.S. Is Neglecting Its Smartest Kids

NPR - (August 24, 2015) "High achievers are being neglected in all sort of ways by schools that had no incentive to push them farther up." - Chester E. Finn Jr.